4th of July 15k and a bunch of other stuff

Last week I ran the Coronado 15k for my 3rd consecutive year. I was really excited for this race as I really felt like I was ready to easily break 1:10. Yeah it’s always humid but the course is flat as a pancake. Running 7:20’s should feel easyish compared to the constant hills I am used it. Plus, I was around 1:09 at the 15k point at RNR and that was with some uphill. This should be a big PR.

Should have been.

It wasn’t. It was actually brutally hard.

I was up a 4 a.m. with a headache the size of Texas. Made my way down to the bay by 5:4o a.m. and battled all of San Diego for a parking spot. Finally got situated 1.5 miles away and ran to the start. I never complain about a warm up πŸ™‚


The race was supposed to start at 7 but didn’t end up starting until 7:30. As soon as the gun went off I just couldn’t find a groove. I went out way fast. At the .75 mark I was at a 6:55. I put on the breaks and got myself down to 7:15ish but just felt off. Every step was a struggle.

Each mile I got slower and slower and felt worse and worse. I haven’t felt this bad during a race in a long time so I just kept trying to remind myself that running is fun. It didn’t feel fun but sometimes we can trick our minds. I talked to a few people around me and just kept hoping to see that finish sign.

Finally, mile marker 8 appeared and I knew I could hang on for another 1.3

I crossed the finish line in 1:10:32 (a slight PR, 4th in my age) and then got backed up in the marked off finish corral line not realizing that the timing mat was in the middle of a sea of people. I had never seen that before. This race still collects the paper hang tags (from the bottom of the bib) so there is always a back up at the finish. By the time I actually got across the timing mat I think I ended up with an official time of 1:10:38? Times are still unofficial. I wonder how many people were mad about that? Not a big deal but that could send some serious competitors right over the edge lol!

Runners battling to see their finish time
Runners battling to see their finish time

I was so happy to be done. 9.3 miles felt like 30 that day. At least the view was pretty and I got to sport my Red, White and Blue!



I made the 1.5 mile jog back to the car. I knew the parade was getting ready to start so I needed to get off of the island ASAP if I planned on spending time with my family that day!


On my way home my headache came back with a vengeance. No matter how much I drank I felt thirsty…and hungry…and miserable.

I sucked it up and got myself together for a family cook out but should have known that head cold 2013 was coming on. Such a bummer because I love the 4th of July!


I took the 2 days following the race off to just reset and get better. It felt so good to just let myself recover.

The following Sunday I got back on the road with my brother. We ran 11 sweaty miles and celebrated yet another week of 26.2 training.


He is crushing his training plan. I should ask him to write a guest post on his past race experience, weight loss and his road to 26.2. He has an incredible story y’all.

What do ya think Joe? Yes? No? Maybe?!?!

Next race is coming up on August 4th. I am running the SF Giants Half and CANNOT WAIT!!! I’m bringing the eye black back. Hey, you can take the girl out of NorCal, but you can’t take the NorCal out of the girl. Even LD is running. I can’t wait to be “home!”


Life Stuff

I officially accepted a new job and start on July 22nd. I am nervous, excited and well, I don’t know. Indifferent maybe? This opportunity fell into my lap and I feel very lucky so maybe it’s just nerves. Or maybe it’s because I worked for my last company for so long and change is scary. I didn’t look for this job, it found me. When opportunity knocks I have learned to open the door and take a chance.

Better go dig out the high heels. Wish me luck!


Have you transitioned to a new job? Was it difficult?

Anyone else race during the past few weeks? I need reports people!

Next up…strength training and how it helps a runner out.

12 thoughts on “4th of July 15k and a bunch of other stuff

  1. Great job at the race with the mini PR! i know its frustrating when there is that cluster at the finishline. — And good luckies with the new job! I really enjoy your blog! You are looking super fab! Take care πŸ™‚

  2. Congrats on the job! I want to hear about it. Costume run was entertaining to see all the outfits. The circles around Qualcomm’s parking lot, not so much. I guess the monster of a medal made up for it!

  3. OOoh, hope your brother does a post! That would be great to read about. I hope my brothers want to run a marathon one day (right now, they would never even consider a 5K).
    Sounds like a tough race… and a frustrating and weird finish (why would they put the timing mat way out there?). Whether you got your goal or not, great job on the PR.

  4. It’s crazy how running can feel so effortless sometimes and other times it’s like you just started.
    I’m running the SF Giants Half too! I am so so so excited! The medal that looks like the championship ring is freaking awesome!

    1. It’s a Lululemon burnout tee from last summer πŸ™‚ I love it too but it was over priced. I think Joe Fresh makes a similar one for around $10! Cheap and cute! Google it as I think there are several stores πŸ™‚

      Sent from my iPhone

  5. I ran this race with my best friend and we both wore crazy flag pants! I didn’t know it was you but I’m pretty sure I saw you because we were scoping your awesome socks! Great job at the race despite not feeling well you had a good time! It was hot and humid out there and I definitely didn’t have a PR day (have taken some time off serious training).

  6. I just found your blog from Skinny Runner, and I’m so glad I did! I love that you posted so honestly about a tough/bad race. Sometimes I get discouraged when I see such happy posts about running all the time. While I love running and increasing distances, I definitely sometimes feel like a 4 mile run is harder than the 8 mile run I did earlier in the week, or that a race I’m prepared for and excited about just doesn’t go as planned.

    How many different kinds of races do you do in a month/year? What’s your favorite distance to race?

    1. Hi!! Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚ Yes, I often feel like my shorter runs are much harder. Shoot, sometimes a mile in I want to cry lol. Running is hard for me. It does not come natural to just run fast (or far) so I often struggle… But I never give up πŸ™‚ That would be too easy!

      My race schedule hugely depends on my kids schedule. I try to fit in one race per month unless I am training for a marathon. Then I cut back because I have a hard time not trying my best!

      On my way to check out your blog now! Have a great day πŸ™‚

      Sent from my iPhone

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