StrideBox Giveaway Winner, Now=Wow

The winner of the StrideBox giveaway is

Picture 27

Andrea Stanley!

Please email me at: so that I can get your March StrideBox to you. Congratulations!



Today was my first easy run since San Dieguito and it felt good to just take it slow on the trails.

I am not sure how many of you take time to recover after a race (or hard workout) but it is more important than you may think. Taking time to allow our muscles and mind to rest allows us to be ready to push ourselves again. It can help keep injuries away as well as prevent us from burnout.  

What recovery means to each of us may be different. For some people it means total and complete rest (Active.Com has an article on the 3 C’s).  For others it means days of easy workouts that use different muscle groups (i.e. non pounding for runners). Whatever it may be just do what works for you. Take care of the body that works hard for you!

Do you take time to recover? What does recovery mean to you?

Tonight I will head to yoga to give my body (and mind) the love that it needs. 

Speaking of, Manduka has a gorgeous new Spring Line out and is leading a very cool movement called Now=Wow. Not only is the company hosting a sweet giveaway, for each of your entries they will donate to Off The Mat, Into The World. You can get more info by clicking HERE.

#NowisWow. Don’t miss a moment. Come join me for class tonight! Namaste.


3 thoughts on “StrideBox Giveaway Winner, Now=Wow

  1. Congrats to the winner 😀
    And recovery usually means grabbing a friend and going for a super easy jog where we can chit chat easily. I try to be moving (speed walking/jogging/ easy running), stay hydrated, and but give myself about a week (or two for marathons) to not push myself too hard.

  2. Personally, I generally take such a pounding during half and full marathons that I need a couple days just to walk normally again, let alone run. I keep trying different things to not be so sore and tight, but not much luck yet…

    Congrats again on conquering a hilly course.

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