Rainy Day Expo and Race Ready

Yesterday the munchkins and I headed over to packet pickup at the CBad mall


It’s been raining for 3 days now but yesterday we got the brunt of it. The expo was tented off but the floors were super soggy and there was literally a river running through the Rock N Roll SD Booth. Of course my boy couldn’t resist puddle jumping. I’m sure we ticked off a handful of peeps. 



It literally took me 2 seconds to get my bib and swag since the marathon only had 2 check in tables (capped at 2000 runners). I believe the half marathon had at least 10 check in tables but it’s a much larger field (I think it has approximately 8000 runners). 

This year marathoners got a long sleeve tech shirt AND a jacket. CHA-CHING!


So there ya have it. We were in and out. Nothing too exciting. I was bummed that Rise Bar did not participate this year. They are local and have these awesome coconut blueberry bars that I was hoping to go home with. Eh, maybe next time.


I’ve got an early call so I’m off to eat dinner and hit the sack. It’s go time.

See you all bright and early for the race. Let’s hope the rain subsides.


8 thoughts on “Rainy Day Expo and Race Ready

  1. I think it rained last year for the expo too! At least I remember lots of puddles in the tent.

    See you tomorrow if I don’t wake up feeling like death thanks to Typhoid Lauren.

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