Last Run/First Run

Last run of 2012 on Sun 12/30: 18 miles with my dear friend, 2:43. Goal was to survive and we did better than we thought! GO US!

First run of 2013: 4.15 miles on trails, 36 min. Tough yet awesome. Trails are peaceful and so kind on the legs 🙂


Christmas A Second Time:

On Saturday night we headed to my parents for a belated Christmas celebration. My Mom did her best to recreate Christmas day all the way down to the way the table was set and our meal. Please forgive the red-eye, I just don’t have it in me to edit any of the photos in this post 🙂



The kids weren’t very excited about opening presents 🙂


It was nice to catch up and just unwind. Traveling is so much fun but it takes a lot of me. Especially when both kids are all about mommy doing everything. I’ll miss it one day 🙂

The Eve of NYE:

Sunday I met Chacha down at the beach and we pounded out 18 beautiful miles.

Picture 17

It was cold when we started (glad the rain held off!) but it warmed up to about 50F when we were done. This run was not easy by any means but we finished strong. I am so thankful that I had her with me. I am 99% sure that I would not have finished that run solo.


On Monday I headed to the office for a few hours before rounding up the troops and heading over to my brother’s house to ring in the New Year.

Picture 18 Picture 19



I am surprised that the H-man made it til midnight. About 11 he started fading and we just kept finding ways to keep him going. He loved it. First time to see the ball drop. So cool!

Introducing 2013:

Needless to say I was exhausted this morning and it took several hours to get motivated enough to head out for a few miles. I decided to stick to the trails today and it helped both mentally and physically. I didn’t look at my Garmin and managed the hills the best that I could. I took in the beauty of the day. The breeze felt so good. Cold at times but I didn’t mind. Also noticed that there were a lot of frogs out today.The last rain was on Sunday night so I guess they are still out doing their thang 🙂

Picture 20

And now here I sit looking at my still decorated house with no intention of taking anything down tonight. My inner lazy is refusing to box up ornaments so it will have to wait until tomorrow. For now I’m going to drink my tea and hope that dinner decided to make itself. Sigh, one can wish.

My 2012 reflections and 2013 goals are still so jumbled that a post now would be a mess. That and a lot of running chat is coming. Maybe tomorrow.

Wishing you all a very healthy, happy and prosperous 2013. Can’t wait to see what the year is going to bring us!

17 thoughts on “Last Run/First Run

  1. Nice 18 mier! Always great to do those long runs with friends. The pictures of your kiddos are so sweet. I know exactly what you mean about they want Momma to do everything and that you will miss it… I will too but, dang they exhaust me (It’s all good) I am secretly doing a marathon this Sunday.. ugh! what am I doing? I’m a nutcase. Happy New Year love! xoxo

    1. You are?!? Yipppeeee!!!! So excited for you!!!! Where are you racing?!

      I am with you on feeling exhausted. At times I wish I could blink my eyes and freeze time to take a moment by myself 🙂

  2. Man I miss all those faces, can’t wait to see you guys soon!! Awesome 18 momma, forget to mention that today? I guess we didn’t talk running at all but it was so good talking to you. Xoxo

  3. Last time I was here you were on the mend, glad you’re up and running. Fantastic job on the 18 miles!
    Oh, and you have till Jan 6th to leave up the Christmas decorations (so says I with officialdom), it’s the 12th day of Christmas. So kick back and enjoy the moments!

  4. I was so glad to you have you on my runs too! I was actually thinking that in savasana this morning how thankful that we met through this weird blogging thing (probably a sign that I should actually blog because it has brought me some awesome friendships).

    20 miles tomorrow! Looking like, per usual, my company is not going to get their act together fast enough for the trip this month, I’m betting we don’t end up in the UK until Feb. No surprise there. Typical hurry up and wait :o)

  5. great running & great company! 🙂

    love all the pics & your hair looks so purdy curled! 😉

    If I lived closer to you I’d come over & help you with a happy “un-decorating” party my friend!! xo

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