Awesome 80s Race Recap

When I woke up this morning to get ready for the Awesome 80s 10k I didn’t realize that within the hour I was going to be looking at my 10 year-old self in the mirror. 

Side pony. High and tight.

Made the pre-dawn drive down south to Fiesta Island. After battling some crazy parking business I was able to find my little

We made our way to the start and could heard the old school jams on super blast. First thing that pops into my mind? Dance party USA. You know I can’t hold back the robot in me. If there is one dance I can rock it’s the freaking robot.

Dancing is the perfect warm up, no? If nothing else I was hoping it would help calm my sister’s race jitters.

The gun was due to go off at 7 and we still had not seen the fam. We then got a call that they were stuck in traffic and that they would catch up later. 7:05…7:10…7:15…and we were finally off. Better late than never.

The 5k and 10k all went started together. We were told there would be some signage but to remember the 10k looped twice around the island. Okey dokey.

Loop 1 no sweat, loop 2? CLUSTER. Think front of the 10k pack merging with 5k walkers 10 deep. No cones, no course marshalls, no organization and zero courtesy. At mile 4 a group decided to stop directly in front of me to take a photo. They were 7-8 deep and I had nowhere to go. Left blocked, right blocked. What happened? A crash. At least I didn’t go down. I understand that themed runs are fun and a lot of people take pics. At least have etiquette and move to the right and out of the path of runners. Sigh.

Finished loop 2 and had to assume to turn right toward the 5k route finish because there was no sign and no volunteers directing anyone. As I approached the finish there was finally someone yelling for the 10k runners to go right. Got it. Turned off to the right ran down an unmarked path and then randomly up the side of an embankment that looked to be roped off for construction. No sign, just an arrow so we all assumed climb the dirt. This took us to a paved path and it was an assumption to just stay on that path back towards the finish.

I crossed the finish in 45:17

I later learned I was 2nd in AG (clearly not a super fast field), 3rd female based on gun, 5th based on chip.

Not too shabby just a few weeks after Chicago.

I then ran a cool down and waited for my sis to finish. She crossed in 1:03! So proud of her!

We caught up with my SIL and friend Lindsey and listened to a sweet cover band while we waited for my parents to finish.

When we saw them coming we lined up at the finish and cheered our hearts out.

My parents had walked the 10k and due to the crazy mentioned above (lack of signs, etc) ended up lost and walking way more than a 10k. Are they cute or what?

It was really fun getting all dressed up and spending time together getting our run on. Love love love my family.


We recovered tonight with tons of good food and another GIANTS win!! Excellent way to end the day if I do say so myself.

Race review is coming but for now it’s time to call it a night. We are headed out to the farm tomorrow to find the best pumpkin in all of SoCal 🙂

18 thoughts on “Awesome 80s Race Recap

    1. I can’t even tell you how much I loved this outfit too!! It was really fun getting dressed up for a race. It needs to happen more often 🙂 I just wish my bright pink lipstick would have stayed on, lol

  1. You guys looked so cute. Sounds like fun to dress up but not to fight the crowds and, lack of organization, well, no thank you. Always nice to be with family though. Congratulations on your 2nd AG! Nice time!!! Have a great Sunday!

    1. I had so much fun dressing up! Yeah, I would not recommend running an event put on by this crew. Not unless you are running the 5k or walking with friends for either distance. I am not sure why these people cant seem to get their events together but this seems to be a common theme.

      You have a wonderful Sunday too!

      1. I TOTALLY agree, I will NEVER run another one of their events! After the Hollywood Half Marathon and the Awesome 80’s Run (Pasadena), nope. No more. At least you only waited 15 mins! On a happy note, you all look soooo cute! And it’s awesome your folks ran too! Love it!

  2. So sorry to hear about the lack of organization & signage. I’m sure that’s got to be frustrating. 😦 Congrats to you & your family for doing the race though. It sounds like it was a fun run!

  3. Sounds like a nutty course, but such a nice time with your family! I think it’s so great that your parents and sister are out there racing/walking with you 🙂 Makes it so much more fun doesn’t it?

  4. Congrats, speedy!

    Yeah, I don’t get these Superhero events people. How do they not learn a single thing after all the races they have put on (botched)? It’s like the same mistakes over. And over. And over.

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