Bright Lights Big City

I knew I was in for an awesome weekend when I got to the airport, sat down at the terminal and then saw this

In a very Gossip Girl type fashion I scoped out the joint and then saw a smiling MFDre waving! We became blog friends awhile ago and now we finally got to meet. After yapping for a few minutes we realized that we were on the same flight! Let the fun begin. We sat waiting for Pam to arrive (I knew that she was on my flight) and before we knew it we were boarding the plane

Too bad we couldn’t move seats around and all sit together. We would have chatted for all 3 1/2 hours of the flight, I’m sure of it! I bet our hubby’s would have loved that.

Yes this is a bad pic but, no, you are not seeing things. We are glasses twinsies. This is what happens after 10 years together. True love people.

Although I didn’t think I would, I did get some rest on the flight. I fell asleep for a whole 5 minutes. Right when I was about to go into an awesome dream I dropped my water bottle. ARGH! It was just like that feeling when I first fall asleep and suddenly I am free-falling and kick my sheets like the karate kid. Boo. Nap over. I then realized we had free in-flight TV and proceeded to watch Flip This (or a title close to that) on Bravo for the rest of the flight.

Before I knew it we were landing.

The Chicago airport is so easy to navigate. The 6 of us got our bags and were on our way within 30 minutes. That’s a zillion times faster than SoCal.

We hopped on the train were downtown in no time

MFDre and I are staying in the same hotel so we said goodbye to Pam and made our way to our weekend pad. This place is freaking awesome

Yet another quality photo. Wow. Sorry guys.

This window seat is awesome

Here is the view

Bright lights. Big City.

Once we got settled we headed to dinner at the Emerald Loop. It’s a cool Irish Bar & Grill that was a jewelry building back in the 1920s where diamonds were delivered for safe keeping. Rad history. I think I also read that it was in the movie Batman Begins. I loved that movie…or maybe I just loved Christian Bale. Woah, getting off track. Back to dinner. The food was pretty darn good and L was happy because he got to watch baseball.

The rest of the night is going to be chill since tomorrow will be full of all things running.

Hope you all are ready for a VLOG because it’s coming people. You will be expoing with me. FUNNNNN.

P/S I saw Lisa Kudrow this morning at the airport and it reminded me of how much I loved Friends back in the day. She is and always will be Phoebe.

12 thoughts on “Bright Lights Big City

  1. OMG, I can’t believe you saw Lisa Kudrow at the airport. SO jealous. I’m a HUGE Friends fan. Glad you had a safe trip to Chicago. Have fun at the expo & have fun running.

    1. I know! And not a single person recognized her. Not even my hubby. She just walked on by with her shades on and some dude with her showing her out of the airport. She is awesome 🙂

  2. Good luck this weekend! Have a fabulous time in Chicago — I miss my city!! I hope you get to eat more delicious food! Chitown has fantastic restaurants.

  3. Cool! Love the city lights AND the Lisa Kudrow sighting (I love Friends, too).
    Looks like this is going to be an amazing weekend! Can’t wait to hear about the race 😀

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