Get comfy cause this post is wooorrrddddyyyyyy.

When I said “I’ll be back later tonight to talk about Chicago Training” I obviously meant “I’ll catch up with you on Wednesday.”  My bad. Honestly, if Big Brother wasn’t on tonight I probably would not know what day it is and might think that I have it all together. That’s probably not good. Wowza.

Before I get all blah blah blah about the countdown to Chi Town let’s talk about last Sunday’s 20 miler. For the record I did NOT feel like running. Strike that. I did not feel like running LONG. Why? Because the thought of 20 plus miles of nonstop hill climbing in warm weather was not appealing. Not even a little bit.  

I did everything in my power to talk myself out of  this run. I am pretty sure I shed a tear or two and even tried to get my kids to tell me not to go. Lucky for me my husband was not buying into my dramatics and in the nicest possible way told me to get a move on. After almost 10 years together he knows when I need to be left alone or when I need a good swift kick in the hiney.  And then I went running.

It took me a good 4 miles to find a comfortable pace. I decided to set goals to see if it would mentally help me get through. Goal number 1 was to make it 10 miles. At mile 10 I would assess how I was feeling and set a new goal. I was cruising north alongside the beach approaching mile 9 (getting close to that magic number 10) when I thought I heard someone yelling my name. It took me a second and then… there she was. An angel on the side of the PCH. There stood my friend Chacha with a smile on her face. As soon as I saw that she was out on a run my mood changed. I was no longer alone! YES, a friend to run with is just what the doctor ordered. She told me she was ready to run 12 miles and off we went.

We chatted about everything from my seriously bad attitude, to work, to running, to blogs we read and races. We said hi to other runners and checked out all of the tourists that were camping on the beach for the long weekend. We talked so much that before we knew it we were at her end point. It was time for me to turn off to head home. Those miles we ran together went by SO FAST. Those miles were freaking awesome.

After a quick goodbye I headed back up the hill toward home. At mile 19 I made an SOS call for water and was rescued by L and the kids. I rehydrated, dug deep and finished 20 miles. And you know what? I could have kept going. I can’t believe I just said that.

So I went from whiney cry baby with a goal of surviving 10 miles to giddy runner girl by the end of the day. Thank you, thank you, thank you Chacha for getting me out of my run funk. I cannot be sure I would have finished my run without you.

So with that long run I ended up with close to 52 miles for the week and a lot more confidence. I have talked about that crappy thing called self-doubt in the past and sometimes it just takes a moment (or a person) to wipe it out. Let’s hope I can keep this going for the next few weeks because… ladies and gentleman…

31 days til Chicago

Flight is scheduled, hotel is booked and good eats are in store. I just want to get to the start line feeling healthy and ready to freaking run.

Plan for this week:

Monday- Rest (done)

Tuesday- 6.35 easy (done)

Weds- 8.10 (morning mile repeats, afternoon fast 5k) Done and crushed BTW

Thursday- Easy

Friday- Tempo

Saturday- Early Easy, Yoga

Sunday- Long

I have 2 solid weeks of hard training left and then it’s time to T-T-T-Taper. Woohoooo 🙂


Since this post was so dang wordy let’s wrap up with a few photos!

H-man started Kindergarten and Fall Baseball. This was his first practice. Kid is a natural. It is in his blood 🙂

My new stomping grounds. Although my commute is not the best I love this town. Love, love, love it.

My Mom celebrated her birthday yesterday (we had an awesome sushi party)! She is 53 years young. That handsome guy staring us down is my Dad. Hilarious.


Happy Hump Day. Friday can’t get here soon enough.

16 thoughts on “Get comfy cause this post is wooorrrddddyyyyyy.

  1. Chacha the running angel! You Californians are so lucky to live so close to so many amazing roggers (run+bloggers, or would it be blonners). This season I have a pretty official training partner. We are going to run the same race at the same pace (or try), and it has made a huge impact on my training. I keep thinking back to my training last year and how I ran pretty much ran all long runs alone with maybe little segments with people. How the heck did I do that? Friends make a huge difference! Good luck in Chicago!

    1. Yes, we are lucky!! We are practically neighbors now 🙂 Pretty sure she will be sick of me in a week or so. We’ll see.

      Running with someone makes a huge difference. So glad to hear you have someone to run with this year!! WOOHOOOO!!!! You two will crush it together!

      1. You are smokin’ crack, lady. I am happy to have a run buddy after flying absolutely solo for the last 2 years.

        Anywhoo, leg is feel a’ight (shocker! I ran 8 around Lake Miramar after work last night – only a smidge tender on the shin this morning), so I am still planning on Sunday long.

        Excited for yoga on Sat morning (hope we get a good teacher and I can restrain myself from the Lulu candy – it’ll be my first visit ever).

      2. Yesssssss yoga will be fun! I am going to warn you that as soon as you try something on in that store you may fall in love. Freaking soft, awesome fitting stuff is my weakness. There is a pair of run crops that I would buy a zillion pairs of if I could.

        See you this weekend!

  2. I can empathize with you so much! California is hot and hilly! dang these hills and when it’s starting to cool off in the rest of the country it’s still hot here! 🙂 Finding a runner partner is so essential, yes? I miss my tribe and have not found the right person yet ( sounds like I’m dating) So glad you have Chacha. You sound strong and ready for Chi Town… your going to crush it speedy girl! Your Mom and Dad are adorable… Happy Birthday to her. Have a great week!

    1. Yes, August and September are the warmest months here. I guess techinically it’s still Summer til the 21st but still, I WANT FALL! LOL! I have been here 15 years and still can’t get used to the fact that it will not be cool during the afternoon until January. Pretty rough, huh, lol!

      Hope you can find some good peeps to run with!!! I’ll come up that way one weekend and run with you. Did you see the beerfest 5k in Ventura in a few weeks? Looks like a lot of fun!

  3. I am so excited with you! I often times (like a lot) have self-doubt with my running, so this totally helps me not feel alone! I can’t believe you could still do more, you rockstar runner, you! 🙂 So so excited to hear more leading up to your Chicago experience (and domination!)!

    1. It is not the norm for me to feel like I could keep going after 20 so I think I am finally figuring out this whole hydration/nutrition while running deal 🙂 Well, for now anyway!! Fingers and toes are crossed!

  4. happy that Chacha was able to run with you & help you out of your “run funk.” 🙂 I really enjoy running with friends when I have the oppty. chatting really helps the miles to fly by!

    getting so excited about Chicago! I have a feeling you’re going to have a great race. I’m really looking forward to a flat 26.2! I can’t get away from hills during my a.m. training runs here @ home unless I drive somewhere. So, it’ll be a nice change!

    love the pic of your son! great times!! happy be-lated birthday to your mom! 🙂 luv ya & miss you!

    1. Me too! It’s so nice to have a running buddy! It really makes the miles go by fast. Although sometimes I think I talk too much and she is like “shut up please!!” LOL! I am really looking forward to Chicago too. We are going to have so much fun. Bring on flat miles with lots of spectators and entertainment to make the time fly 🙂

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