Hitting 50 and The Move

I finally did it. I hit 50 miles last week. Want to know the best part? I.feel.good. Like crazy good.

Knocking on wood now.

Here is the recap of Chicago training week 8:

Monday: Run rest/Strength Training

Tuesday:  8 miles (included 3×1600 repeats)

Wednesday: 5 easy

Thursday: 9 tempo

Friday: 5 easy

Saturday: 18.11 LSD

Sunday: 5 recovery

During the next few weeks I will continue to increase my miles while running smart. You all know I have battled with some seriously lame PF issues. It took me FO-EVA to figure out the root of the cause. Now that I know how to keep that bad boy at bay I just need to pray things keep going in the right direction. Injury free on race day. What a beautiful thought.

I’ve said it before and now I am going to say it again: this is the most legit marathon training I have ever done. It is no joke yet I am feeling pretty gosh darn good. I am sure I will be singing a different tune during an upcoming recovery week. It is so weird that I look forward to those weeks yet they are when I feel the worst. Weird.

Speaking of weird this is the last week in our house.

“Moving” day is finally here.

I know my family thinks I am crazy but this is a bitter sweet  move. I love our little place. It is the first house we bought and it’s central to all things that I have deemed awesome (beach, restaurants, shopping, parks, etc). Both of the kids came home from the hospital to this house. It’s just filled with a lot of good memories. Sigh. One of my neighbors already promised to keep an eye on the place to make sure our renters aren’t trashing it. We have a property manager who will handle everything for us but I know I will still have a little worry in the back of my mind.

So now we just need to finish packing the little things and into the beach burbs we go. I bet this girl can’t wait for me to show up on her door step, running shoes in hand 🙂

17 thoughts on “Hitting 50 and The Move

      1. Oh we should get together once you get settled! Also, I just signed up for a half mid-September down by you. It’s a trail race and was $30 on Groupon. Have you see it? It’s the She Runs trail half. I figured for $30 it could be a training run for all I care 🙂

  1. Nice! 50 miles is great and lots of work! Moving is always fun so enjoy and I hope you love your new place even more. Hope you MIL is feeling okay. I have been praying for her!

  2. Yay! When is moving day? All weekend? Do you need any help?

    50 miles – I swear, I have hit 50 miles *once*… I think. Hold on, let me check… yup, once, in June, 51.6 during my peak week for Harding Hustle. And that was tough to get in. But looking at the data, 5 runs, 4 were easy, one was a fartlek. Easy runs are key to building the mileage.

    1. Saturday is moving day!! Oy. I also scheduled calbe guy to be there between 1-4 so it’s going to be kind of crazy 🙂 You are more than welcome to witness the madness. In good news we are moving very little furniture. In bad news I am going to be spending a grip a new stuff.

      I swore you hit 50 plus during Ragnar, no?! You are super bad a$$ with all of the 50k action. I agree the easy runs keep it feeling ok.

  3. Nice mileage! I battled PF forever too, and am SO HAPPY to be free of it for now, but I still fear it coming back! I have those same Brooks Pure Connect and love them, but only use them for shorter runs, I’ve been scared to try them on longer runs and the marathon. Do you wear them for your long runs too?

    1. PF is brutal. There are times where I can feel it making a come back so I bust out the u/s, stick, etc etc etc lol

      This weeks 18 is the furthest I have gone in them and I woke up Sunday morning with not a single ache! I did just get a new pair of Pure Flows so may go with those if they work for longer distance. I feel like the Connects form to my arch like no other shoe does.

  4. 50 miles! Yowza! I’m going to be really excited the day I hit 50 in a week! Right now I’m a novice runner and have just started training for my first half marathon … I’m in couch potato reform school (aka training) and I have a lot to learn and many miles to go!

    Congrats on the new place as well! 😉

  5. Serious prayers for your MIL! My devotional this week has focused on repeatedly saying and repeating ‘ALL IS WELL,’ no matter the circumstances. It’s challenging, but also uplifting to know that He is always in control! Good luck with the move, keep up the injury-free miles!

  6. good luck on your move! 🙂 happy that you’ll be a lil’ closer to me. 🙂

    congrats on hitting 50! that’s awesome. 🙂 you’ll be ready to run a great race in Chicago. you’re running smart & listening to your body. no doubt… “YOU GOT THIS!!”

  7. Wow Nicole I am seriously impressed!!!! and I find it funny that you’re moving b/c I feel like you were moving when I first found your blog around this same time last year 🙂 I hope the move goes fantastic. Thanks for continuously being a great role model and encouraging me 🙂 xo

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