Big Bay Boom.

Ahhhhhhh…July 5th. We have officially turned the corner to Labor Day. You think I’m kidding? Before we know it summer will be over and I will be singing Jingle Bells for 4 straight months. Before I get you all stressed out about how many shopping days are left until Christmas let’s talk about Coronado and the 15k.

This race is held annually at Tidelands Park in Coronado. It’s a flat out and back that draws some pretty darn fast runners. I’m talking several sub 1 hour 15kr’s. My plan was to use this race as a tempo run. I have not run a tempo in a while and being in the midst of Chicago training it would be a good test to see where I was at.

On Friday night I got a Facebook message from a gal I met through church asking if I wanted to run with her (we met during AFC last year and ran the end of the race together!). Since I had decided not to race I agreed. The pressure of letting someone down can be overwhelming, you know?!

We met at the start line and off we went. The first few miles felt good and were not too fast. Mile 1 7:45 (right at long tempo pace) mile 2 7:26. That 7:26 worried my friend just a little who had a goal to go out slower and finish strong. I think that’s a great goal! I told her if we could run and talk we could run faster. That was probably the only smart thing I said the rest of the race. She mentioned again that she wanted to finish strong and with that I had no problem slowing down (although it felt hard and if I remember right she said it felt hard too).

We hit miles 3 and 4 7:39 and 7:38. Just slightly faster than tempo. We ran through the navy base and once we made the turn around we talked about that planned strong finish. It was at this point that I should have stepped it up and encouraged both of us to push through and I didn’t. I feel bad about that. Running solo I can dig deep and just run. Getting someone else to do that with me is not easy. I give all the credit in the world to pacers. Don’t think I am ready for that duty 🙂

Miles 5 and 6 7:47 and 7:46. Right on pace. Around the 10k mark when she said she was feeling fatigued all I could muster is “We are almost done.” Why didn’t I help lay the hammer down?! GAH! Mentally I felt great. Physically my legs were good although I could feel myself losing a little gas which was a result of a huge nutrition fail. I again agreed to slow down to help try to finish strong.

Mile 7 and 8: 7:54 and 7:57. A little behind pace but no big deal. Still sub 8 and still on goal to finish at long tempo pace. It was at this point where I realized either mile markers were off or I was not doing a good job at running the tangents. I was about .10 ahead with only a few miles left. Probably ran bad tangents. Mentally creating list of things to do better the next time I run with someone.

The “just finish strong” theme continued and for some reason I went into “I need to back off and run solo mode.” We were almost done and my friend was running strong. I was not helping push us faster so I went into cruise control mode. Not normal race mentality for me and it felt kind of good. I let go of pace and just took everything in.

Mile 9 and last .43: 8:10 (oops) and 7:53.

My friend finished just ahead of me in 1:13 or so. I don’t think she noticed that I had backed off and that’s a good thing. That means she was in the zone! I finished (unofficial time) 1:13:28. My slowest 15k and what felt like my easiest 15k. The only big fail for me this race was nutrition. I had bad bad bad stomach acid post race from running on empty and ended up taking coconut water to the dome. If I could have shot gunned it I would have. Bad nutrition = bad running. Duly noted.

Overall I was pretty stoked with my performance. After 4 months of heel/foot lameness and a bad race at Ojai I was able to go out and run pretty spot on plan. Running relatively easy left my legs ready to run this morning. That’s right where I need to be.

If I would have run solo pretty sure I would have left goal at the start line and gone balls out. Yeah, I know I would have. Not what I want to do right now. Glad that I ended up running with someone and forcing myself out of my solo comfort zone. That’s something we can talk about later.

Things happen for a reason right?!

After the race we headed to First Ave to watch the parade. It was a chilly day (63 and drizzly) so we only lasted about an hour before my littlest was too cold to sit anymore. Our bad for not having warm enough gear with us. We headed off the island home to cook out and get ready for fireworks.

Speaking of did you hear about our fireworks show last night?

It was literally 15 seconds long. Not kidding. We were sitting on the Laurel Street bridge all cozied up waiting…and then it happened.

 All of the fireworks went off at one time.

It was one bad a$$ explosion. And then it was over.

Felt bad for the kids…and everyone that waited at the beach/bay all freaking day long for the Big Bay Boom and then got a meer 15 seconds of awesomeness.

Oh well. Hey, one ginormous firework is better than none! What a way to end the day 🙂


How did you celebrate? Please tell me your fireworks show lasted at least 20 seconds!


18 thoughts on “Big Bay Boom.

  1. Saw the same sight! It was brilliant and gorgeous… Diamonds in the sky!! But was too bad we couldn’t see the show they had planned. It was my first 4th in SD. Here’s to the rest of summer!!

  2. Ha ha, yes! I heard about that firework show…such a bummer. Where I live you are allowed to light your own fireworks in the street, so yeah, our “show” lasted longer.
    The 15k sounds nice and easy. I will definitely have to check that out one year. I love Coronado!

    1. Aw man I miss the days of “Safe and Sane Fireworks” They are banned in SoCal. Such a bummer. I remember when a bottle rocket fell over and went right up my neighbors shorts! Not kidding. It was scary then but now we laugh our butts off talking about it!

      Come run Coronado! So pretty and fun stuff post race!

  3. soo great to hear that you had a great race. hopefully, that darn heel of yours cooperates during Chicago training!

    next year you should come out to my stomping grounds & hang out w/us for the fireworks. festivites start at 4 pm. fireworks at 9:30-10 pm. great music, food, bounce houses for the kiddos…such a great time!! we get there early, reserve our spot w/blankets, ez up & chillax. next year k?!

    luv ya my friend & have a happy Friday!!! xo

  4. I did the Coronado 15k too! Nice job!

    I was at a marina in Mission Bay for fireworks. Had great views of both OB and Sea World’s shows. I didn’t see anything from the Big Bay but certainly heard it!

    1. Ahhhh I miss the old days of OB Fireworks! My hubby and I lived there for years before having kids. Love love love when everyone sings the Star Spangled Banner on the beach 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the 15k! It’s a great race 🙂

  5. The 15 second fireworks snafu was pretty funny – I mean, it make NPR’s twitter headlines, it was that ridiculous.

    Good job not killing yourself! That might be a good plan for you – anytime you do any races that you aren’t planning to “race” find yourself a slightly slower buddy to keep you in check 😉

    1. It was that ridiculous. Dude it was crazy loud too! It freaked people out but at least it was awesome for that 15 seconds. HA!

      I am glad I had someone to run with. You know how stupid I can be. If I would have even tried to push I am pretty sure my foot would have been all kinds of pissed and there would have gone the weekend. Maybe I am growing up.

      Hows taper? Almost 50k time!

  6. Wow! You rock when it comes to running. I can only dream of running that fast one day.

    I sadly had to work all day on the 4th, but then because I wasn’t feeling too well, I had to cut my workout short & I ended up getting to see 3 or 4 fireworks shows. They were all pretty awesome. It would’ve been even more cool if we were at the venue where they had music to go along with them.

    That really sucks that your fireworks show was 15 seconds long. 😦 Boo.

    1. Thanks! You know it has taken me a while to get to a place where I feel confident going into 15k-Half Marathon races. Now it’s the marathon that I need to try to figure out. Or maybe not! LOL!

      Aww man, working on the 4th stinks 😦 Glad you got to see fireworks and hope you are feeling better!!

  7. What a great smart race you ran. Way to get that tempo run in. I had a fantastic 4th of July, I ended up qualifying for Boston! I was on a plane ride home so didn’t get to see any fireworks, but that’s ok, because I was on Cloud 9 after my race!

  8. My sons saw the video of the San Diego fireworks and were all, “Uh, why didn’t we go there. That looks way louder than ours.” Apparently fireworks are not about looks, but loudness when you’re an elementary school boy. Lesson learned.

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