Up All Night

My neighbor should consider himself a lucky man this morning. Why? Because I didn’t walk over to his house at 1:45 this morning and put a boot in his hiney for being so loud. Apparently he has the week off, girl problems, needed another cocktail, was hungry, etc. I heard it all. Dude, after 10 p.m. on a Monday move it inside buddy. Next time you get the wrath of me. Trust me when I say you don’t want a mad Italian mom (or her ticked off kid) in jammies on your porch in the wee hours of the morning. The vein that runs down the middle of my forehead is BOSS (thanks Ma). No joke. Pipe down ladd. I don’t like being up all night.

After all that craziness I still managed to drag myself out of bed at 4:30 and hit the gym.  It wasn’t pretty but I did it. Hey COACH, I am dedicated 🙂

Today’s Workout: 3 miles with 3 strides, strength/core


I had to switch up my training this week since I am running the Coronado Independence Day 15k. I love this run. It starts and ends at Tidelands Park and is nice and flat. Bonus that there is an awesome parade afterwards and Coronado beaches pretty much rule. Not a bad way to celebrate the 4th!

As I was saying, I rearranged my schedule and should end this week somewhere between 43-44 miles if all goes as planned. Here is what’s on the agenda:

Monday: 8.35 miles hills w/ 4 hill repeats: Done

Tuesday: 3.15 easy miles w/ 3 strides: Done

Wednesday: 15k race (9.3 miles), hoping to run it as a tempo.

Thursday: 5 miles easy

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 5 miles easy

Sunday: 14 miles 

I want to finish this week feeling healthy and strong. The hill repeats on Monday were tough but I felt so good afterward. I love that feeling. I need to keep reminding myself that staying injury free is key this training cycle. I am so ready to have a good, strong race!


Now let’s rewind to where we last left off…

I started marathon training and filled you in on a few runs. It ended up being an easy, low mileage week as I traveled to San Francisco for my cousin’s wedding. We drove up early Friday morning and met up with the fam at the Giants game that night. If you didn’t know I was born and raised in NorCal. That’s home baby.

On Saturday we were up early and took a nice walk down by the bay 

We then hopped on the Muni and headed down to the Ferry Building to meet up with family to visit before the wedding.

My great aunt and great uncle with all of the kidlets!

While waiting for our train to head back to the hotel we decided that doing yoga would be a great way to pass the time. In San Fran you can stand around naked and no one would say a peep. Our yoga was mild compared to some things we saw!

My sis
My Ma

We were laughing at ourselves trying to get a cool “urban” shot when H-man said “Look mom, dancers pose…”

Freaking love that kid. 

After panicking about how long it was taking out train to arrive we ended our sweat sesh and finally made it back to the hotel. I don’t know how but we managed to all shower and be ready to go in 1 hour. Benefit of being a low-key family I guess. Ii probably helped that I forgot makeup brushes so a little mascara and lipstick and off we went.

Me and my handsome hubby
My handsome boy
Me and my pretty girl

It was a really pretty wedding and we had an absolute blast spending time with family.

My cousin Jon and his beautiful bride!

After dancing the night away we got up Sunday morning and drove back to SoCal. Sad to leave but happy to know that we go back in August for another family wedding! The best part of being the oldest cousin is all of the young ones are starting to get married. Weddings, weddings and more weddings. I.love.it.


I peaced out of work early and am going to chill for a bit before getting things ready for tomorrow. Can’t believe it’s the 4th!

What are your plans for tomorrow?

Anyone else racing? Will I see any of you in Coronado?!?!

22 thoughts on “Up All Night

  1. Coronado sounds like a great race!! I will definitely have to try that some year!! Have fun!
    I’m doing the Surf City 5k in Huntington Beach. Should be fun. Short and easy. 🙂

  2. You’re my inspiration Sis. I loved our family time this weekend and one last comment, no one want to see “the vein” 🙂 love you!

  3. you have a great training plan. good luck at tomorrow’s race!!

    I’m running a 5k tomorrow at Huntington Beach. It’s a lot of fun…very family oriented. good food, vendors & a parade. a lot if not ALL of the locals come out in their R,W & Blue & cheer on all the runners. they really get you into the 4th of July spirit! :)) love weddings!! your cousins bride is very pretty!! love the pic of you & your daughter!! such DOLLS!! ttys!! 🙂 xo

    1. That race sounds like so much fun!! Can’t wait to see pics of you and the fam all decked out. Maybe next year we can head up to HB for the 4th! That would be sooo fun!! Love ya my friend, have a blast!

  4. Sloan is such a bitty bit! I wanna put her in my pocket so I can take her out whenever I need to see some cuteness.

    Have a good race tomorrow! I would be there too except the drive is just too much of a deterrent. And the parking. And getting stuck (last year my car got blocked in my the parade for like 45 minutes).

  5. Love the guns, girl! And you look so cute in that dress.
    I also love that your mom got in on the action with the standing bow pose (or whatever it’s called).

  6. I’m sure you’ll do great in your race tomorrow! I can’t wait to hear how it goes. My super exciting plans for tomorrow are…I’m working. 😦 Boo. But after work, I have to ride up one of the canyons here in SLC & then come home & run 5 miles.

  7. Beautiful shot with your daughter!

    I used to love the Coronado 15k. So perfectly flat it makes it easy to pace. Now I’m too old to make the drive that far. I might even be too old to make it to Scripps Ranch for the 10k. Perhaps I’ll run tempo up here and go to Moonlight beach instead…

  8. I’m running the Coronado 15K this morning too. I’m really not all that prepared – I haven’t run much at all since the SD Rock and Roll Marathon a month ago. It will be a good way to start the day though. We have a full day of friends, family, barbequing and fire works starting at about noon.

  9. first time visitor.. tho u look familiar.. maybe I saw u on another blog.. actually derr.. that IS how I got here.. anywho.. just an fyi – saw u taking a self pic.. did u know u could the + button on the side to snap instead of that awkard touch button at the bottom of ur phone.. try it.. much gooder =) your tiny little frame is ticking me off right about now.. thanks. a lot. ; )

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