And So It Begins

If you follow me on Twitter you saw me mention yesterday that Marathon Training has officially started

Being the smarty pants that I am I remembered that cartooning photos makes the messy room magically disappear. Too bad I can’t make that type of thing happen in real life. Then again that might be freaky.

I kicked off Monday with a 4 mile run. 3 @ an easy pace, the last at 7:35-7:40. Yes I should have stayed at an easy pace for all 4 miles but mentally I was getting bored and my legs felt like running. Or maybe it was my Pro Compression socks that made me feel like picking up the pace. Whatever it was it felt good.  

Day 1: 4 miles, avg pace 8:21

Real quick: Did I tell you all about when I ran in my compression socks while in Texas? Good golly you would have thought people saw Brittany Spears running their neighborhood. Guess the pan handle doesn’t see a lot of blonde lady runners in knee highs. Hilar.

Why did I just say hilar? Ahem.

Tuesday Morning (today): Hills. A little more than 5 miles of what felt kind of like torture. In an awesome way. I kept my pace nice and easy and just focused on getting up hill and then recovering. I was so tempted to pick up the pace during recovery but I held back. Guess I am finally figuring this training thing out, huh? Took long enough. Slow and steady = injury free.

Day 2: 5.35 miles, avg pace 8:27

Tuesday Night (Tuesdays are my two-a-days): KOR Strengthening and Conditioning. Per the usual I met up with this awesome lady and her extremely cool boyfriend.

We got are arses handed to us while staring at the ocean. Not a bad gig.

Bring on tomorrow. Easy run. Way easy. Walkers might pass me up. If that happens I’ll high-five them and then slow down 🙂


As I mentioned above I wore Pro Compression socks on Day 1 during my run. I usually wear them for recovery but lately I have been digging the compression while running. Especially on long runs. The tighter the better. 

I have several different pairs of compression socks however Pro Compression are my faves. I was lucky enough to receive a few pairs during Ragnar (they were one of our sponsors) and ran 2 of my 3 Ultra Legs in them. Beings that I could walk the days following that crazy race I have to give credit to compression. Since our race I have picked up a few additional pairs in sweet colors and thought I was set for life until I saw June’s new color. Marathon Orange.

How rad will these be for  a Halloween race? Or Thanksgiving 5 miler. Or during Texas Football (That’s right SR, tell Jaymo I said his Red Raiders are lame sauce). Hook Em.

How do I keep getting so side tracked? Blame it on the double day.

Right now the awesome peeps at Pro Compression are offering 40% off (Say what?!) on these new colorful babies through July 10th. All you have to do is go shopping HERE and enter coupon code SOM610.

You can also get socks for $30 plus FREE shipping with code SOM612 at checkout.

So many deals, so little time.

Go get you some.

26 thoughts on “And So It Begins

  1. I am so glad I’m not the only one who wears their compression socks and gets weird looks. 🙂 I had a really intense gym workout today and slapped on the neon pink ones as I stepped out of the locker room and had mad stares as I trounced through the treadmills. I pretended not to notice and rocked it with my mismatching t-shirt and unbrushed post-swimming hair. Wait, maybe they weren’t staring at my socks.

    1. Me too! There is an 80s themed 5/10k race in September that I am thinking about. I am pretty sure I still have my crimping iron and the exchangable plates in a box. It would be so sweet to rock lightening bolts in my hair with a whole lotta neon!

  2. How do you wear compression socks when you run? I get all hot, sweaty, and they drive me insane. That is an amazing deal though and orange is such a great color.

    1. Sorry for the late response! Somehow you ended up in my spam folder 🙂 There are some compression socks that I cannot run in because I get too hot even in cool weather. That being said I have not yet worn these in temps over 75 degrees. Honestly I probably would not be able to do it because I get hot fast!

  3. Good luck on your marathon training! I love my compression socks too and the orange ones are kind of cool for Halloween races!

    1. What sleeves do you wear? I had Zensah sleeves but they just are not tight enough. My brother loves his CEP’s but I just haven’t made the commitment. I would love a good pair of sleeves since I have a favorite sock too 🙂

  4. Think I might order some compression socks. I wear a size 8, in you opinion, should I get XS or S/M?

  5. I love running in compression socks and I also have the calf sleeves, but lately it’s just too hot. I run in as little as possible, although I’m not brave enough to run in just my sports bra. That would definitely scare the neighbors away!

    1. Oh girl let me tell you! I have only raced in a sports bra ONCE and it was a 1 mile race in Hawaii at 4:30 p.m.! It was so hot that I finally just said I don’t care. My hubby was the one who told me to get over it since it was literally 1 mile, lol. I wear thin tanks and they do me just fine 🙂

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