As promised. My morning in about 3 scatterbrained minutes. I still don’t have our editing software mastered. One day peeps. One day.


9 thoughts on “V.L.O.G

  1. Hi there!!! I made it over here to your blog VLog! AWESOME!! You are hilarious and so fun!! no one looks like butt! omg! – Wow the yoga room was full up! Looks like a really great energy =D I will have to try yoga sometime. – Thats great you can go work out with your sister, I wish mine was in town! I’m in FL and shes in Boston so we don’t get to hang too much boooo! Anyway awesome video and your children are adorable – keep up the great work! – Minda

  2. So, I used to make fun of Yoga and such, but after doing it once a week for the past 3 weeks, Im loving it. My balance and flexibility are still terrible, but its such a great workout not only physically but mentally too! I’ll have to go with you one of these Saturdays 🙂

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