Stomping Out Self Doubt (I’m a poet and didn’t know it)

Last weekend. Where do I begin?

After a Saturday filled with Yoga, 30 people at Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate the H-Man’s Birthday (a little early)and staying up until 11:30 p.m. finishing 50 Shades of Grey I decided to do my long run on Sunday. At 8:30 am. In hot, humid conditions with nothing but coffee in me. Man; am I one smart cookie or what? Dehydrated + exhausted = reducing 18 miles to 14. Whatever.

I took 2 Endurolytes and then headed out with 30 oz of Nuun and 2 packets of Hammer Gel.

Beings that Ojai has a lot of downhill I tried to map out my run to include some elevation loss to get my legs ready. It is impossible to avoid hills where I live and I was too lazy to drive somewhere that would give me flat with a steep downhill. This is what I ended up with

The downhill was glorious. The climbing was not.

This was not an easy run by any means but my legs were ready to run. I ended up with an average pace of 8:08 which was much faster than intended. I kept an eye on my Garmin and more than once had to check myself and slow down. A few times it meant stopping to gather my composure and start again. Yes Chacha I know, must.slow.down my long runs. I promise I am working on it.

Butttt you know what? This run increased my confidence for Ojai big time. A week or so ago I was ready to throw in the towel. I felt overwhelmed, mad at my foot, mad at my pace, just plain bummed on myself. Self-doubt.

Let’s pause to talk about that for a moment…


Self-Doubt: Lack of faith or confidence in oneself.

Self doubt can turn a goal crushing moment into a complete disaster. It’s self-inflicted torture. It makes us feel inferior.

If we doubt ourselves what is the purpose of setting a goal? Think about it. If you set a goal and then doubt that you will accomplish it you are setting yourself up to fail.

No more self-doubt. Plain and simple. Mentally we must train to trust ourselves. This rings true in all aspects of life: work, family, sports, you name it. Trust that you are ready. Trust that you are prepared.

Ok, I’m done with that.


Yesterday I showed myself that I can do it. I have it in me to go long. My heel was a bit sore for a few hours afterwards but today it’s just a little sore. That is AWESOME. I will keep icing, stretching, sticking, compressing and ibuprofening.

I am ready to be 100% on race day.  I am readying to freaking run.


How was your weekend?

Anyone celebrate an occasion?

Any races?

Talk to me goose.

32 thoughts on “Stomping Out Self Doubt (I’m a poet and didn’t know it)

  1. It was very hot Sunday morning and we were miserable after the 4 mile bridge run. Hot, sweaty and gross! Did you enjoy the book? I am finishing the third one right now.

    1. Ahh! How was the race? I want to hear all about it. Were there helicopters at the top of the bridge? So hot on Sunday. The humidity with the sun blazing was brutal.

      I am hooked. I can’t believe that I am hooked. Going to start book 2 this week. Whheeeeee!

      1. Yes there was a helicopter hovering the bridge and the water. It was really crowded! We went for the experience which was a good thing because we got stuck behind the walkers that were 4 and 5 deep. We tried to get to the front where the runners were and they made us go around which put us in the middle of the crowd. Leah took a ton of pictures along the way. We stopped at the top of the bridge for photos by the “Don’t Jump” sign. We had to wait almost two hours for a ferry back across. Had we known we would have taken the shuttle bus. It was so beautiful out that we thought the ferry would be fun. I highly recommend doing it at least once!

        Glad to hear your heel behaved after your long run!

  2. Your tweet just now was so thoughtful, you made my night beautiful girl. Thank you and I can tell you are going to make this upcoming marathon cry like a baby, he will not know what hit him after you are done with his course. I am running this one next year, so looking forward to reading your recap. Your the best! xo

    1. I am serious when I say if you need help to let me know. I can make calls or do whatever is possible from here 🙂 Moving is stressful. We will be moving soon and I am looking forward to it while not looking forward to it at the same time.

  3. Wow! That looks like a tough run! After this run and looking at the course for Ojai, you’re definitely ready. You’re gonna kick some serious butt! When is the marathon (I should’ve looked at the date while on the website)?

    I love how you ask how everybody’s weekend is and are truly interested in what went on. I finished my first 26.2 this weekend. It was ALOT of fun! I can’t wait to do another.

  4. Goose here… Ummm.. Had a race Sat I was really looking forward to. Ate major shit at mile 1.4 but finished the half bleeding and muddy!! Time sucked but the event was fabulous!! Things don’t always go the way you want but you can still have fun!!

    1. Awww ef. You ok? You are freaking awesome to get up, shake it off and finish. I need to send you my eye black! You’re right- races don’t always go how we want and our attitude is everything. Running can be fun and you just proved it to all of us! Congrats my friend 🙂

  5. Well I did an 18 mile long run on Saturday. Whew, those last few miles were tough but I got ‘er done 🙂 I have a tight right hammy but am working through it. I am running the Ann Arbor Marathon on June 17th. Wooohhooooo!!

      1. I hate to admit but I have NEVER tried the compressions socks. I do most of my training on a treadmill but did this 18 miler outside and am VERY tight. Will the compression help?

      2. I do most of my training on the TM too! Yes, compression helps (for me anyway). I roll out my legs and then put em on. I sleep in them too 🙂 If nothing else the compression feels dang good!

  6. Am I THAT much of a nag? haha, well, you had a net downhill, pace will be faster even if you are trying to go easy. We need to run long together one of these weekends – I can slow you down and you can speed me up. Win Win!

    1. Nag? No! Needed! Everytime I was going to fast I would remember you telling me to slow the heck down 🙂 We should def run together one weekend. We will be moving that way soon!

  7. I’ve come to discover that self-doubt is like the norm for my tapering – ugh! I was able to sneak in 15 miles between Sat & Sunday (with hill intervals and both beach runs to boot!)…was thrilled. I celebrated with a fantastic pairing of orange Nuun and a beer.

    1. Orange Nuun and a Beer..together? Was it Blue-Moon ish? Hey you got the miles in so that’s what counts! I split my runs up consistently due to time restrictions before Vegas and it worked.

  8. To heck with taper, hills, long runs and Ojai…let’s talk about that addictive book!!! I’m about 25% through the second one. I find myself prying my eyes open to read just one more paragraph. No doubt I will be done with #2 and well into #3 by the time I get to Ojai. Let’s just hope I can turn off the Kindle to get a little rest before the race. 😉

    I ran PCRF half on May 6 and now this Ojai half, so my long runs haven’t been that long (cause I guess I’m supposed to recover–hmmm). I’m a little lonely for them. Typically my May gets VERY busy so I’ve barely gotten in 6 miles a few times. I’m not to worried, mostly going for the fun and maybe a little baby PR.

    You’re gonna smack down that full and celebrate at the end! Keep running…and see you at the finish line.

    1. OK, so I read 50 shades of Grey in 3 days. Say what? I read whenever I got a second and stayed up waaay past my bedtime because I couldn’t put it down. I am going to start #2 this week. I should have known #1 would leave me hanging. Are they going to try to make a movie out this book? It would have to be super sensored but I would love to see Matthew McConaughey as Chrisitan Grey 🙂

      See you in Ojai!!

      1. Good choice. I have my own idea for the lead…Benjamin Bratt (dark and beeautiful!)! Ok, maybe I’m just getting too carried away…yeah probably. 🙂

    1. Congrats on your first half!! Woohooo!! Enjoy your recovery.

      I probably would not have read it if someone in my office didn’t give me the book. I just didn’t get the hype…and now I’m hooked. I can’t believe I just admitted that.

  9. Thank you! I had a TERRIBLE 18 mile run last weekend and have been feeling so worried and mad at myself for it. I am running the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon June 23rd and hoping for a PR! Thanks again for the perfectly timed post 🙂

  10. Hi Nicole. 🙂

    awhh, “self-doubt.” Yes, “self-doubt” always, always creeps into my brain before races ESP. w/the marathon. “did I do enough?”, “am I really ready?” questions like that. sometimes we can be our worse enemies & I really think WE should try to occupy our brains w/positive, productive thoughts like our kiddos, family time, the things that really, really matter. my husband is really good about distracting my brain, he know me the best & knows how much I can dwell on the things that I can’t control. sometimes silly randomness. 🙂 let’s TRUST our training, inhale, exhale & focus on the things we can control. You’re going to do great my friend. you’ve been great about strength training, flexibility (yoga, barre) & you’ve had a lot of quality runs!! Can’t wait to hear about how well you do at Ojai! I’d love to run Ojai next year! sounds beautiful!!! We’re almost there!! luv ya!! xo

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