Summer Running, Marathon Prepping and what not

Da Heat.

I know what you’re thinking. How can HRM even consider talking about “summer running” in a place that has perfect weather year-round. That’s not too far from the truth. We have awesome weather. Often. But unknown to most peeps it actually gets into the 90s in my neck of the woods (not yet thank the lawd) and in the late summer we have weeks where it’s humid (not East Coast humid, think Mexico humid). It’s not easy to adjust to hot weather running especially if you are a wimpy early morning runner like me.

Now that marathon training is in full effect I am back to doing 2-a-days (this is due to limited time. Don’t worry Mom, I am not running them fast). This means a fabulous morning run in overcast conditions followed by what feels like a harder than heck lunch run in the sun. If you follow me on Twitter or DM you probably saw me whining about my Tuesday HHH (hot, hilly run). I think I stopped at least 3 times to adjust my pace and catch my breath. Hot sweaty mess.

So what’s a gal (or guy) to do to get used to summer running? Here are a few tips from yours truly:

1. Don’t go out at try to run a zillion miles. Ok, I didn’t try to run a zillion but my original plan was 8 and it was in the high 70s. Dumb. I cut it short and was glad I did. Going gradual should be a no brainer but many of us (waving my hands) think that if we have a solid base the heat will not phase us. Wrong. Take it slow (it’s ok to adjuste pace) and build up your tolerance to the heat.

2. Check your wardrobe. Think moisture wicking, light, comfortable clothes and socks. If you are wearing cotton socks it’s time to ditch them. Seriously, tt will change your life. Invest in some shades that will not bounce and make you crazy or go with a ventilated hat/visor.

3. Stay hydrated. Make sure you are drinking water/electrolytes leading up to your run and that you are sipping along the way. Find a drink that works for you. I am a Nuun lover but it took a lot of trial and error before I found that it worked for me. I also like my drink to be ice-cold (Trick: I fill my water bottle half way and freeze it. When I leave for my run I top if off. The frozen part melts and keeps my bottle coooold. Love).

4. Sunscreen. And eye black. 10 min in the sun can lead to burn. By the sport spray kind that will not drip in your eyes and take care of your skin!

5. If you see sprinklers on take full advantage.

Anyone want to add anything? What are your summer running tips? Please share!


I am T-3 weeks til my next race. I haven’t talked about it much because frankly I wasn’t sure if I would be able to run. I am still a little hesitant. My foot is getting close to 100% so now I am in full-fledged get ready for the long run mode.

Oh yeah, you wanted to know which race.

The Ocean 2 Ojai Marathon.

I registered for it after big PR’s here and here. I also figured that the All Day 25k and Ragnar Ultra would be great training. Turns out they were. In craptastic news I did not anticipate jacking up my heel. But such is life and such is the risk in participating in a sport where the legs and feet take a lot of pounding.

Anyway, this race is supposed to be freaking awesome. It is only in its second year and is already known for its fast profile.  Yeah, that means it sold out. Bonus? I believe there is a wait list at Race360 if you want to add your name to it. That’s pretty sweet.  Another bonus? This race ends at the beach! I am hoping for perfect, June gloom weather. And a nice PR tailwind. What? Is that too much to ask?

I had a friend graciously put together a mini-training plan for me for the next few weeks so come memorial day weekend I should have an idea of how I plan to run this baby (or if I can’t run it). As always if you have some healthy running vibes to spare I would greatly appreciate it.

Somehow I talked PrettyFittie into running some miles with me this weekend. Bwahahahahahah. Suuuccckkkkaaaaaa.

Kidding. Of course.


Anyone else running the Ojai Marathon or Half?! I’m sure you all know OUAL will be there running for Boston glory!

What summer race and/or event are you most looking forward to? I cannot wait for beach time. And the 4th of July. We did Coronado last year and it was awesome!

36 thoughts on “Summer Running, Marathon Prepping and what not

  1. I am such a nerd….I saw HRM and was wondering why you would say How can Heart Rate Monitor even consider talking about ”summer running” —- yep. 😉 It takes me a second….

    I am from Michigan, so I am just looking forward to warmer weather in general. Ice cream and painted toe nails. I’m pretty easy. 🙂

  2. I had no idea there was a such thing as a wait list for races!

    I looked at this one maybe two weeks ago and saw that it was sold out (booo). Then again, I’m hardly running marathon mileage right now. So. Yeah. But I put my name on the waitlist anyway (ha!) just out of curiosity to see if I actually get in. Doubtful (and then imagine what I would be getting myself into).

    1. I know! The wait list thing is pretty awesome. Why not! There are people (like me) that might not be able to run. Pretty genius.

      I am hardly running marathon mileage either. Eeek.

  3. oh heat! I’m a Florida runner and am not ready to head indoors, so i usually sweat it out early morning. best of luck to you and OUAL at Ojai! It’s gonna be BALLER, i’m sure. no summer races for me, unless you count the Disneyland half on labor day weekend!

    1. Yes, any socks that wick. Coolmax, drymax, etc. There are a few different brands that I like. Took me to try a few to find ones that worked. No more sweaty, blistery feet 🙂

  4. My drat shin splint side lined me from my marathon last weekend so now I’m signed up for one in October and I’ve for to find a
    Million smaller ones to do in re meantime.
    I’m letting the darn leg completely heal soon have been at the gym twice a day, like some kind of junkie!!!!! It’s horrible. I cannot get my endorin fix!!!

    1. Oh no, stinking shin splints! Injuries are so tough- physically and mentally. It is so hard when the rest of our body is ready to go and one little muscle says no. Boo! Wishing you a speedy recovery friend! October will be here before we know it!

  5. I’m running the O2O half! Maybe I will see you at the finish. I foolishly went for a run in the late afternoon today. It was 91 degrees! I’m not use to it being so hot especially in May. I was actually going to write a similar post. I think I will stick to running in the mornings.

    1. Yaaay for O2O! As long as I am 100% I will be there. You will be done loooong before me though 🙂

      91 is crazy hot! I can’t believe its that hot already. We are 70s at the beach 80s inland so I am heading coastal tomorrow. I agree that mornings are the best 🙂

  6. That sounds like an awesome race! Good luck! I’m sure you’ll do GREAT! I LOVE your ideas about summer running as well. It tends to get pretty hot (sometimes humid too) here in Utah. I love your tips about running through sprinklers. If I see sprinklers on my run, I’ll cross the street just to run through them. Haha!

  7. I’m running the Mermaid Run this Saturday. It’s an 18-mile race (weird distance, huh?)! I just hope it’s not going to be as hot near the end of the race. I don’t do well in heat (I slow down considerably).

    1. 18 miler? That is strange! I heard that series is great though!! They had a race here a few months ago but I missed out. Next year for sure 🙂

      Good luck tomorrow!!

  8. Uh Tuesday was super hot. I’m a SoCal-er as well and it was 82 on Tuesday and 85 on Wednesday when I ran. Eek! And for me my best summer running is to take it to the beach. It’s always reasonably cool and you can usually get a nice breeze going – often worth the drive for my longer runs!

  9. Running in Georgia heat is no freaking joke. The humidity is crazy high, even in the morning. I have a question about your water; do you use one of those nifty handheld water bottles? I’m a newbie runner and hate the TM but starting in this weather is intimidating.

    1. I have a friend who moved here from GA and she told us about her crazy summer running. Do you have UPF clothing? She said it helper her a lot- especially when the sun is just blazing.

      I do use a handheld! I have a couple different ones but my 20 oz Nathan Handheld is my summer go to. The TM isn’t so bad if you change up your runs on it- I have learned to find love for that dang thing, lol! STAY AWAY HUMID WEATHER!

  10. I’m not running the Ojai race, but I did go to the spa there once 🙂

    After my hot, humid, hilly marathon last weekend, I’m looking forward to the Seattle Rock n Roll 1/2 next month. Temps should be in the 60’s. I am not a hot weather running person at all. I’m also doing Haulin Aspen trail run in Bend, OR this August. It gets hot there, so I’m waiting to see if the 1/2 marathon or 7 miler will be best.

    You’ll get your foot to 100% and crush that marathon.

  11. summer weather=sunscreen, hat, tank-tops, and water-bottle while running. I dislike carrying a water-bottle while running, but the sunshine is soooo worth it. I also try to run at 8am before work or 5pm after work…but 5pm running is much more difficult(so tired after work!)
    I hope you’ve been enjoying the sunshine!

  12. I’m running the O2O half with my bestie! I saw Sarah (Lime) was running it as well. Already found a cute Italian place to carb up near our hotel. See you at the finish line. 🙂

  13. I am so not a fan of running in the heat! I am thinking I might actually have to suck it up and set the alarm to get in some running before the sun comes out this summer!! Could barely run 4.6 miles in the heat at Ragnar. I’m such a wimp…but that was also pretty hot out there.
    Good luck with the O2O!! I’m sure you’ll kill it! This Sunday I’m doing the Bridge Run in Coronado. Other than that I’m just working on speeding up my pace, but no real plans for long distance races.

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