Yoga With Friends and a VLOG

Dealing with an injury (no matter how small) can be very frustrating. Whether you are regular at the gym, a crossfit junkie, or you swim, bike or run; finding a way to stay injury free is key. I have had some BIG injury free PR’s this year and am pretty sure I have a big marathon PR coming. Now I just have to focus on being smart and staying healthy so that I can properly train. Do you hear that body of mine? NO INJURIES ALLOWED.


In the past few months I have found a new love in YOGA! Did you know I was originally so scared to take a class? Scared. I had the biggest fear of making a fool of myself and failing. Such a normal fear right? Failure! LAME EXCUSE. I got over that speed bump by going to my first class with my sister and Ashley and now I am loving practicing! It makes me feel strong and I am hoping it helps me resolve some of these little injuries that like to creep up when I am marathon training.

On Saturday I met up with this girl and this girl (and her awesome man) to find my inner OM.

Yikes. Wavy hair that didn’t want to go back and a face still lathered with nighttime beauty cream. Attractive, I know.

We took a one hour Vinyasa class at Lululemon (it was FREE!) that had us sweating our hineys off. It was fab-u-lous. The hardest part is avoiding purchase post class. We all know I have a serious love for Lulu.

Ash and P-Diddy. How cute are they? Awwwwwww

Us in our total natural state of sweatiness. Um, I need to know both of these  girl look gorgeous after an hour workout?!?! 

Kaitlyn is currently training to be a yoga teacher! Maybe she and Chacha can open their own studio and I can be their receptionist. Hear me ladies? I’ll work for free classes 🙂


On Sunday morning I ended up getting 10.25 miles in and then did this with my boy. He freaking cracks me up! If I would have let him he would have given you our address and phone number. Good grief. Enjoy 🙂

Do you practice Yoga?

Have you ever done a VLOG? If so I wanna see!

37 thoughts on “Yoga With Friends and a VLOG

  1. I’ll blog until the cows come home…but VLOGing- eek! That means having to listen to my own voice which is pretty much more painful than the last mile of any race. Ugh. I, too, have recently fallen in love with yoga! I can never make it to the gym for the classes, but have been enjoying “The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga” from the comfort of my living room. Far less embarrassing than public yoga 🙂

  2. love the VLOG! your son has some star quality! He’s a cutie!! 🙂

    I’d love to stay more consistent with yoga but, I don’t think I’m “zen” enough. I lose interest in it too fast. maybe I’m not doing it right. yoga 101?? sign me up please!! I hear so many great things about yoga, esp. for runners.

    sending you healthy vibes for this next 26.2 training cycle! luv ya pretty mommy & hope to see you soon!! xo 🙂

    1. “Zen” enough! Hehehe! It helps that I am meeting up with people before and then we can chat, shop, do coffee, whatevs afterwards. It’s not easy for me, that’s for sure! Miss you my friend! 26.2 is soon!

  3. I’ve been wanting to start adding yoga to my training schedule but I keep putting it off! You inspired me to start it up tomorrow!

    & btw you look gorgeous after an hour workout, too!

  4. Such a cute vlog. I’ve done yoga once but I’m SO super uncoordinated and they tell you to get in these silly positions so I start to laugh and the class/teacher kind of frowns upon that. Maybe I should try it again.

  5. Did you really leave without buying anything?? It took so much willpower on my end! (and we both know where I was the day before – HA!) You can be my receptionist any day – as long as you come to all the classes at my pretend yoga studio so I”m not teaching to an empty room!!!

    1. Hehehe! You know I would! Do you know my hubby got pants out of that trip? And he looooooves them. Now he understands. Not sure if thats good or bad! HAHA!

      See you tomorrow! So much new stuff…whhheeeeeee!!!!

  6. Hunter is super cute! My little one is less enthusiastic about shopping with me, but maybe she will enjoy it in a few years. Love the VLOG!

    1. Yes, I feel like it gets easier as they get older. My little one just wants to buy everything. Hunter is all about it. He wants to push the cart, pay the bill….hahahahahaha

  7. Oh my God, he is so freaking funny. “This is Hunter, reporting” (or maybe he said “recording” either way he sounded like a little weatherman or news reporter).

    Don’t you have spare nuun hanging around from last weekend? I swear it was all over the van.

  8. Love yoga! I too was intimidated to go. It was Holly and Janice Prather that got me over my hump 🙂 That was a long time ago….. Glad your lovin’ it. Maybe we can work a class in together one of these Saturdays 🙂

  9. Watch out Jason Austell you’ve got Hunter coming up!!!! Not sure if I spelled Jason’s last name right but you San Diegans know who I’m talking about 🙂 Great job H!

  10. Loving your little man’s vlog! He’s adorable. Jealous of the yoga with friends..don’t you just love Ashley and Phil..they are awesome!!!

      1. Yippeee! I know you are staying with a friend so bring her too. It’s at Lululemon in La Jolla and is free. Well, maybe not after everyone shops, hahaha! One month friend!

  11. Lol! “This is Hunter repeating”! I have a girlfriend who’s a reporter..maybe she can hook H up with his first jobby job! I don’t Vlog…nor clog…BUT after we’re back from our weddingmoon I want to start a blog
    ! I DO yoga! Bikram…Ashtanga ..we just got a lulu store here too! .. this is Kat repeating!

    1. Kat! I bet your store will have Saturday yoga soon. It’s so fun. I love it! I was a journalism major so I’m going to take credit for his camera skills. HA! Sometimes I wish I would have stayed in the industry but but then I remember I am thankful for my flexible job with lots of vacay 🙂

      Yes, you need to blog. At least we can chat on Twitter!

  12. Wahoo to free yoga! I have yet to try one of Lululemon’s free classes but I’m dying to try (maybe next month). And hello, I’m So scared to vlog because I tend to ramble…can you tell? lol

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