So the story begins…Ragnar SoCal Ultra from one gal’s perspective

After losing my first post about Ragnar I have found it even harder to recap the awesomeness I experienced. You see, running for a team was so different from running for myself. I had people depending on me and no matter what  I knew I did not want to let them down. This is my story of the coolest running event I have ever participated in.


3 weeks before Ragnar I ran 5 races. The plan was to just build mileage and get ready for our Ultra Race. Well, I ended up running a LOT faster than I should have resulting in a heel injury. It was not terribly bad but bad enough that I could not run more than 5 miles at a time. Bad enough that I could feel it walking. Bad enough that I should have gone on run rest. Completely.

Instead of blogging about it I kept in on the DL as much as possible. In my VLOG I said it was “A Little Sore” I was afraid that my team would be so ticked off. Afraid that they would have regretted asking me to run. They were al in marathon shape while I was mastering the pimp walk. I cross-trained and did a few short runs. I would log my workouts on DM so things didn’t seem too off. I down played it big time so that no one would freak.

2 days before Ragnar I had a breakdown at home. I cried and knew that my pace would be significantly slower than normal. My dear husband told me not to run and I told him that was not an option. I would NEVER bail on my friends. I stretched, I iced, I Ibuprofened. I drank more tart cherry juice than I thought possible. I ate pineapple like it was going out of style. I packed up my crap, got into that van and headed to Huntington Beach.

SR, Me, Pam, Margot, Chiara and OUAL.

When we were loading and decorating the van I told the girls about my heel. Chacha knew and Pam knew but I don’t know if they knew how it hurt. Pam (bless her heart) told me to take my shoe off and she did what she could to make it feel better. She felt the big knot. It hurt like a mofo to get it massaged but it had to be done. I told them all that I would have to take it easy but in my heart I was scared out of my effing mind. I was so worried that I was going to get seriously hurt. I sucked it up, put on my #38 and smiled. We we’re going to do this thang.

We headed to the start and SR took off like a low flying jet. 1 pm on the nose. The clock had started. We were excited. We wanted it bad. It was time to prove ourselves to ourselves…to each other…and to several other teams…

Stay tuned…

28 thoughts on “So the story begins…Ragnar SoCal Ultra from one gal’s perspective

  1. Ack! I want more! Ha ha ha! You guys are so awesome! I hope one day to so awesome and fast to participate in a ragnar! 🙂

    1. My bro and SIL got it for me! I think I saw it at Footlocker!! Love it! It fits long and runs smaller in comparison to most Nike shirts (kind of a pit squeezer). I would say try it on before you rip the tags off.

  2. OH MY WORD I’m driving to SD right now and giving you the biggest hug. I’m equal parts sad about the stress you felt beforehand and angry you didn’t tell us! You could have walked. Crawled. I had no idea it was as bad as it is. Now I feel like such an ass for making such a fuss about everything.

    I’m glad you’re ok and that we still had an absolutely amazing/incredible/unforgettable weekend. Please heal up fast!

    1. Do not ever apologize! Girl, I am disgustingly competitive and there was no way I would have ever said a word. You know how I felt about skarkle!

      This weekend was awesome and I loved every second. This ish better hurry up cause I got 26.2 coming! Weeee! xoxo

  3. Oh, Nicole, I had no idea you were that worried. Listen, even with your foot you were speedy. And being in marathon shape did me no good anyway on my last leg. It was so mental. I had no idea how mental this battle would be. Maybe if I had I would have prepared differently.

    LOL on the Pimp Walk comment. I had a visual of the guy with the aquarium shoes in “I’m Gonna ‘Git You Sucka”.

  4. Hey, Pimp Walks are so IN right now! 😉 Congrats to you for sticking to it and kickin bootay!!! Hopefully you get better soon (where’s a cheesy Hallmark card when you need one?!) and don’t forget to man-up and call the doc. ❤

  5. Hi hi, Im the Australian girl who recognized you, Chacha and FRB on Saturday morning when you were desparately looking for the loos! Later I felt totally bad that I cared more about recognizing you guys, than in helping you! Fellow runner fail.

    Anyway, I know how you felt… I had bad knees leading up to Ragnar (happy ending b/c they felt fine) and I was so worried about letting people down. But thats part of what makes Ragnar special, no? That you’re willing to get outside of yourself and your personal running story for the benefit of the team? Thats the bright side anyway! I hope you are healing up fast! 🙂

    1. Yay! I’m so glad you posted a comment – we were wondering about who you were! (Sorry, Nicole, this isn’t even my blog and I’m all like “HeeeeaaaYYYY!”)

      1. Don’t say sorry silly! No problem 🙂 And yaaaay! I agree, thank you for posting and thank you for saying hi. We were so out of it at that point that you could have said “you must pee here, on the ground” and I would have listened! Not kidding 🙂 Ragnar is so special and so fun and so worth it 🙂 I hope you had a blast! How did your team do?

      2. Lol, you crack me up! Haha, I totally should have offered you guys my water bottle to pee in, so as to appear massively hardcore (or just gross). So our team was pretty slow (I believe our ave pace was 9:30). I was trying to take it easy,but, I ended up averaging in the 6:50s on my final leg – I was stoked after being injured for what feels like centuries. Honestly it wouldnt have mattered though, because the experience was amazing, whether you’re first or last.

        That being said, I was so impressed with you girls – you can count me in to be a sub any day! Very inspiring 🙂 🙂

  6. You are such a dedicted and awesome team member. I hope it is feeling better and that it has not gotten any worse. You girls did an awesome job and just following your journey made me want to run a realy too. I am not convinced of an Ultra but I would love the experience. Congratulations!

  7. I saw it in your face, the pain you were dealing with. You’re a fighter, you’re tough, you never complained, you stayed positive & showed us what you’re made of. Soo proud of you!! I wish I/we could’ve done more. But you know what? It’s done, you did it, you gave us your all & that’s all we could ask for. I know it made you feel good to see your hubby & the kids at the exchange in SD. We beat those “sparkle” girls!! Looking forward to our next relay adventure!! see you sooner than later right??! luv ya! xo :)))

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