!@$*&!@#…and a Ragnar Slide Show

Well, somehow I lost my entire, sappy Ragnar post. I’m kind of ticked that I have to start over but it is what it is. Technology. @#&%^#%^%!&. Love it. Until then enjoy this little ditty I put together. It’s short and sweet. Just how you like it 🙂


14 thoughts on “!@$*&!@#…and a Ragnar Slide Show

  1. When I click on the video to watch….it says that it’s “private.” Is there any way for us to open it? I’ve been following you gals the last couple days watching for updates. =)

  2. Oh my god that music – that was funny. Especially when you got me dropping the f-bomb coming in from my Corona Surface Of The Sun Hot Climb An Effing Mounting leg. Thankfully pictures don’t have audio.

  3. Dude, I cant tell you how many times I have lost a blog because my internet timed out, or the site screwed up, etc. Its the WORST!! I started blogging on Word on my desktop to avoid that now, haha. Awesome job (again) on Ragnar. You guys killed it! 🙂

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