Total Domination…It’s Happening…

In less than 48 hours…18 ladies…2 teams…

203 Miles…NBD…

Team So Much Cooler Online

We are ready to freaking ROCK

Thank you to our awesome sponsors who are dressing, compressing, hydrating and helping us to recover!

BIC Bands

Click Espresso Protein


Pro Compression Socks

Aspaeris Pivot Shorts

Run Pretty Far

Running Skirts


Remember we will be Tweeting at exchanges and will have Nuun giveaways! If you are not already following us get on it. Stat. It’s almost Friday. #SMCOL





23 thoughts on “Total Domination…It’s Happening…

  1. Do you have a list of these ladies’ blogs anywhere? I know some of them, but would love to follow the others. It’s super inspiring for a runner as *slow* as me to read tips from gals that dominate. 🙂

  2. I’m Freakin’ Out Man! (one of my favorite lines from Super Troopers after the kid eats the bag of weed and shrooms to destroy the evidence).

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