So if you have been following my blog for a while you know I have a collection of funny running shirts. Maybe they should be called ‘tude running shirts. The ones I wear when I need a little something extra. The ones I wear when I am in an irritated mood at 5 am (ahem, today) that will deter people from striking up conversation. 

The latest came from my Bro and SIL. I wish it was appropriate to wear to work

Yes we have awesome private dressing rooms with mirrors in the locker room at my gym. Perfect for self portraits. Also perfect? If someone heard the camera clicking this morning they wouldn’t dare say a word since my shirt was doing the talking. Rawr.

Speaking of shirts Marathon Monday is rapidly approaching and Saucony has launched a line of limited edition T’s. I scooped one up this morning and you can too by clicking HERE. Shipping is FREE. Yes FREE. If its free its for me. And you.


But back to running. Wait, was talking about running? I digress.

One week from now I will be packing up my stuff in a ginormous van and heading to the OC for the Ragnar Relay.

Last night I met up with a couple of the girls at Road Runner Sports to go over last minute rules/regulations

Unfortunately it was so packed that I couldn’t get a seat. Fortunately I saw Pretty Fittie and the P-man hanging out so we got some good one-on-one time. I mean what dude wouldn’t want to hear chicks talk about not showering after long runs. Totally hot, no?

Post “meeting” Chacha and Shannon emerged to give us an update and snap a quick photo.

Shannon, Ash, Me, Chacha

We will all be spending a lot of time together next weekend. A lot. Lucky for you all (or unlucky, not sure yet) I will be VLOGing from our van. I know you are super looking forward to hearing OUAL demanding us all to run faster. It’s going to be awesome.

I’m off to get cozy and watch the American Idol results show. What?


Do you collect “stuff?”

~ I still have all of my toys from when I was a kid. Not kidding. All in a storage unit. I may secretly be a millionaire

Have you run a relay? Got any tips for us soon-to-be super sweaty Bettys?



28 thoughts on “Rawr

  1. I want that shirt! Love it!
    No toys from my childhood were kept and I regret it. My daughter loves My Little Ponies now and I had a whole collection. I was a minimalist even as a kid though and sadly chucked those ponies in the trash 😦 Wish I had my pound puppies too!

    Have fun with the relay preparations. I have no advice to offer. Sounds like they are fun!

  2. The only things I collect are the race bibs from each race. I put it in a nice album (the kind that’s sticky and has a plastic cover over it). It’s amazing to look back at those accomplishments and how happy I was when I crossed the finish line!
    I have never run a relay, and you are certainly participating in the mother of all relays!!!

  3. I am a guilty t-shirt collector as well! So much so that I had a bunch made into a blanket so I never have to get rid of them :).
    SO great to finally meet you the other night! Have an amazing weekend!

    1. Wooohoooo! Can’t wait 🙂 So glad you are doing Ragnar since I am going to be gone at RNR. Actually, I’ll be back Sunday night so maybe we can get together on Monday or Tues before you leave?! We’ll talk next weekend!

  4. Love the shirt! So cute!!
    So I ended up taking the place of a runner for Ragnar…totally last minute. So I will see you there!
    I posted a hilarious youtube about running it on my blog today. You’ve gotta watch it, especially if you are running as an ultra!!
    Have fun!!

  5. I seriously LOVE that shirt. I need one like that! I’m getting so excited for you guys to do Ragnar, I can’t wait to read all about it! I’m doing NOrthwest Passage but it’s too far away!

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