Eating, Celebrating, Eating, Celebrating

Heeelllooooo. How is everyone? It’s a rainy morning here in SoCal and I love it. Why? Because it gave me an excuse to not get out of bed this morning (Wednesday is my rest day) and drink extra coffee. No brainer. Cold + rain = coffee. Speaking of coffee did you know that it could possibly improve memory? That’s what I read HERE anyway. We all know that whatever is on the internet is totally true.

Things have been pretty crazy for me the past week or so.

It was my birfday

I took in a ball game (yessssss, love me some baseball)

Spent time with my favorite friends so we could finalize our Ragnar Plans. We have 2 teams that are ready to dominate. Or something like that.

SR, OUAL, Margot, ChaCha, Pam and her son who also acted as our handsome body guard.

Pam brought a cake! Since I am the same age forward and backwards it makes sense to eat desert more than once.

I celebrated Easter with my fam bam and went to service on the beach. We do this every year and I can’t imagine celebrating any other way.

I ate. A lot.

When I took this picture my Dad asked if I was trying to get a picture of his bald spot. Ha ha, vert funny. Beings that he is a male model and all

Can you tell I look just like him?

To sum it up I have been eating, celebrating, eating, celebrating and eating.

What have I not done a lot of this past week? Running. After my crazy 5 race weekend I took some time to cross train and allow a sore left heel to recover. You all know I have dealt with PF in the past so I do not want to risk dealing with that monster.

I ran on Mon and Tues and it felt ehhhh. Not terrible but definitely not pain free. That means it’s time to let it chill a little more. Today is a rest day with my plan being to cross train tomorrow, a few easy miles on Friday and a long run this weekend. If it’s sore on Friday the long run will have to wait. Never worth possible making it worse.

So what’s next? My focus is on being 100% ready to take on 30 miles for our relay next weekend. For those of you in SoCal make sure you are on Twitter as we will be posting updates and may or may not have a giveaway or two at certain exchanges.  Funnnnnn.

Before I head out to TCB I wanted to mention that one of our awesome Ragnar Sponsors, Pro Compression is currently offering $20 off their socks and free shipping in the month of April! Use code RR20 at checkout and hook yo’ self up. I have the baby blue argyle marathon socks and loooovvvvee em.  Do it. Before you miss out.

10 thoughts on “Eating, Celebrating, Eating, Celebrating

  1. LOVE your sunglasses! Super cute.

    Just ordered a pair of the pink ProCompression socks yesterday and I’m considering buying another pair today haha – thanks for sharing the discount code!

    1. Thanks! I hope you like these socks as much as I do. Not sure if you have tried any others but they are tighter than some other brands I have so they have moved up in the rotation 🙂

  2. Good luck on your relay.. will try to tune into Twiiter to follow you.. thank you for the heads up on those compression socks, nice deal. PS: Church on the beach? I can’t wait to be back home in SoCal.. oh how I’ve missed. xo hugs gorgeous

  3. I have the pink ProCompression socks and I LOVE them! You and the ladies are going to rock Ragnar!!! Can’t wait to read all of the updates. Oh, and that cake. I want that cake. That is all.

  4. happy birthday!!!!!! aaahhh….to be 33 again ( i have a whole ten years on ya pretty lady ). good luck on the relay too. oh and your hair in the first picture, so pretty.

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 😀 Woo hoo! What a wonderful birthday celebration!! Eating a lot a lot is how all birthdays should be.
    That’s awesome that you had your 5 race weekend and then the relay coming up so soon. Glad you’re getting rested up before such an awesome event!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! I also have an April birthday. Looks like you celebrated the right way. With plenty of food, family, and friends! Good luck next weekend!

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