Carlsbad 5000 Race Review

The Carlsbad 5000 was held on Sunday April 1st, 2012 (Run Fool! Ha). The entry fee for the 5k started at $30 and got as high as $50 for race day registration. The entry fee for the All Day 25k started at $75 and got as high as $95 for race day registration. Next year’s race will be held on Sunday April 7th.ย 

There are 9 total chip-timed races held throughout the day. 5 5k races (ran by age/gender), a wheel chair division, a people’s walk and 2 Elite divisions (male/female). This race is advertised as the “World’s Fastest 5k” as it is home to both world records and country records for both genders. That’s freaking fast!

The race day schedule was as follows:

Master’s Men (40 and up) 7:05

Master’s Woman (40 and up) 8:00

Men 30-39 8:40

Women 30-39 9:23

People’s Walk 9:24

Wheel Chair 10:43

Men and Women 29 and Under 11:30

Elite Men 12:15

Elite Women 12:17

For each division the first 250 finishers received a medal.The All Day 25k participants received an additional medal for completing all 5 races (Both Masters, Men/Women 30-39 and The Under 29 race)

The Course

The profile is relatively flat. Majority of the race runs with beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. Be prepared for wind!ย 

The race starts with a slight down hill. It then flattens out through mile 1.5; miles 1.6-2.5 are slightly rolling; its flat again through 2.8 and then a sweet downhill to the finish.

Course Support

There was water at the start and at mile 1.6 on the course. There was also water and function at the finish. There was a radio station blasting music and encouraging runners as well as a lot of spectators. I am talking by the last race there was people lining the streets!

The Finish

The finish line was not as good this year as in the past. There was water, Function (really sweet electrolyte drink), cereal, bananas and oranges. For a 5k that would be typical but this race usually offers a lot more (like Clif Bars, Pop chips, muffins, etc). Not sure if the vendors just didn’t show up or if they decided to eliminate the extras.ย 

The Schwag

All 5k participants get a short sleeve New Balance tech shirt. The All Day 25k participants get a long sleeve.

All Day 25k

If you choose to run the All Day 25k there is a VIP lounge with private portapotties, tables/chairs, water, electrolyte drink, apples/bananas/oranges and plenty of Gu. The All Day 25k also has a bag check which is nice since you are literally racing all day.


This is an organized, fun and very fast race! There is something for all ages and all abilities making it an event that everyone can participate it.

My advice? RUN IT. If you are not in SoCal take a vacation, stay at the beach and then run so you can eat more fish tacos ๐Ÿ™‚

Be Prepared:

* Wear layers: It’s typically overcast this time of year and it can be pretty chilly in the morning.

* Don’t bring a lot of stuff with you. There is no gear check. Leave your junk in the car (unless you have family with you or you are running the All Day 25k)

* Get to your race early. Parking can be kind of crazy. Be patient.

* If you are running the All Day 25k be aware of the race schedule. Take advantage of the lounge and hydrate, stretch, foam roll, whatevs. It’s much harder to run 25k broken up into 5 races than it is to run 25k straight. The reason? You are more likely to race when the distance is broken up. It’s also difficult to continuously start and stop. When you run 25k straight you are likely to start slow, pace and then finish strong.ย 

Now for a funny race photo of Chacha and me encouraging Kaitlyn and the end of her race

5 thoughts on “Carlsbad 5000 Race Review

  1. I LOVE the last photo! You look so excited and happy to be out there ๐Ÿ˜€
    Thanks for the great recap. If I ever do take a vacation to SoCal, I’ll try to make it around this race (even though I’m used to 10K or longer… I’ll have to work on my speed).
    Happy Easter!

  2. What kind of sunglasses are you wearing? Super cute! I’ve done the 5K the last two years. I was sad I couldn’t do it this year, but I did my first marathon the day before. ๐Ÿ™‚

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