12 hours

When the alarm went off this morning I had a maj headache. The kind that started behind my right eye and was radiating. I hit snooze and considered getting extra sleep. Then it kept throbbing so I waved the white flag and dragged my butt to the gym.

After 30 minutes on the moving stairs (AKA The Tower of Terror) I thought it was going away. I headed to the weights and lasted a mere 15 minutes before my head was pounding again. D.O.N.E. I have never regretted a workout but this one was pretty darn unproductive. 

I considered staying home today and sleeping BUT I have not missed a day of work since I started with my company almost 5 years ago. I’m not ready to break the streak. Plus, it’s just a headache. It will eventually go away. Right? Cooofffeeeeee.


In other non-heading pounding news I officially have 12 hours left of being 32.

I remember LOVING my birthday as a kid. I would wake up feeling like a total princess. I celebrated all day long. It was awesome. Now that I’m all growed up (well, kind of) I think my kids birthdays are way more fun than my own. Why? Look at it this way; If I had Ariel show up at my house and sing me “A very under the sea Birthday” my neighbors would think I am a nut. For one of the kids? Totally normal. If I dressed up as wonder woman for work today I’d get sent home. Kids? No problemo. Let’s face it: It’s cool to be a kid.


My sneaky sneak employees knew that I took tomorrow off (another reason not to stay home today) so they stayed late last night and decorated my new make-shift office. Stinkers. Love em. Keeping the kid in me alive

So when I wake up manana I will officially be the same age forward and backward. 33. Sweet! Looking forward to all that is in store for the next year!

Do you celebrate your birthday?

What is your favorite birthday memory?

I used to love slumber parties! I think I had a lot of them


CBad race review with some funny photos in my next post. Plus some training talk- I may be hitting the hills this weekend.



26 thoughts on “12 hours

  1. We’ll be the same age for 3 months! I got #34 coming up in June. Solidly in my mid-thirties (can’t say I like to think of myself in my “mid-thirties.” Really makes me feel old).

    Anyway, hope your headache is gone by now!

    1. Can you believe that this headache is still trying to hang on? What the deuce? Grrrrr.

      How did mid 30s come so fast? After 25 it all speeds up. Wooohooo for a summer birthday. We will have to celebrate!

  2. Wow! That headache sounds kind of like a migraine! Hope you’re all good by the time you wake up for your birthday!
    I honestly do like to celebrate birthdays because I feel that every year is a blessing, and we grow in experience and wisdom as we gain in years (for most of us, anyways). I would have to agree that the way kids celebrate birthdays is pretty awesome (why can’t grown-ups go into the bouncy house and jump around like crazies?)

  3. Happy Day before your birthday my little princess!!! You did love slumber parties. One of my favorites was when I got to put “sponge rollers” in everyones hair. You were actually born on Good Friday and your Grampa had a big old Easter basket waiting for you when we brought you home from the hospital. Seems like just yesteday…….Can’t wait to celebrate with you this weekend. Love you so very much.

    1. Those sponge rollers are still in the bathroom! I saw them a few weeks ago- at least I think I did. No, it was the bendy rollers! The ones that plug in. I told Sloane we needed to curl her hair with them. She’ll love it!

      Love ya too! It’s going to be a good year. Every time I have been the same age forward and backward it has ruled. 11, 22, now 33…. 🙂

  4. Happy ,Happy 33 Love! Adored those slumber parties as a kid, my girlfriends and I could laugh for hours over the things we did. I just turned double digit “44” yesterday… 44 on 4/4 .. maybe this is my lucky year.

  5. Happy birthday!! I think I decided that I wanted to stop counting birthdays once I turned 30. This last bday was a bummer so I’m hoping to make up for it in Vegas at the end of this month. Other than that, I’ll see you at 33 next February. 🙂

  6. AHHHH HAPPY HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY! I hope you have the best day ever! Bummer about that headache, that is awful and you are hardcore because I never would have made it to the gym in the first place!

  7. I try to celebrate my birthday (it is on new year’s eve)…but it usually goes awry. My husband’s is ten days later, so since we have been together, we just celebrate together on his b-day.

    My favorite birthday memory is probably getting my driver’s license. Both parents came along to the DMV. Good times.

  8. Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you have a great day 🙂 I’m a few months older than you–have to say that I’ve loved my 30’s so far…way more than my 20’s.

    Hope that headache finally went away. Sounds like a sinus headache…those are no fun.

  9. Happy birthday! My co workers go all out for birthdays too. Very fun. They always give me a new coach purse. Love it! I loved my thirties too. I just turned 45 and I’m kinda liking it so far. Life is good 🙂

  10. Happy birthday! We will be the same age for a couple of weeks. Then I turn older. I’ll probably start going to buffets a lot this year to celebrate my elderliness.

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