Prepping for Cbad

Saturday morning I woke the troops up and headed to Carlsbad. Our original plan was for the kids to run the junior races and then hang out for the day.

Remember last year?

But as they usually do plans changed, things got hectic and we left later than we wanted to. Probably a good thing since it was windy and rainy and just a blah kind of day.

We made it to the expo around noon and picked up my bib.

It was not crowded at all. I assume that is because all of the kids races were done and overall the expo was a lot smaller than prior years. It was weird- no Nutralite Bus, no Running Skirts, just not a whole lot

After a once around I got my shirt and we made like a banana and split

We spent the rest of the day eating, shopping and compressing…ok, I was the only one compressing

VS Tank, Aspaeris Pivot Shorts, Zensah Compression Socks and some sweet slips from Old Navy. So weird that I am not a running fashion icon.

Did anyone else notice that I need to fix our pictures? How did one get so crooked? Weird.


Race recap is next!


11 thoughts on “Prepping for Cbad

  1. It’s only a little bit crooked. I have a montage of frames in my family room that when I hung them, were all level. But then earthquakes, and frequent Camp Pendleton shelling/bombing exercises, throws them out of whack. It’s not worth leveling on a weekly basis.

  2. Once again I love your tank! I was also disappointed in the race expo. I don’t know what it was like in years past but there wasn’t a whole lot to see. I am looking forward to your race recap!

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