Dear Weekend, I need you. Thanks.

Happy Friday! What a week it has been. Between work drama and house drama I am so ready for the weekend.

I need a vacation

Clearly I need a vacation.

Until that happens I have some fun stuff going on in the next few days that will just have to do.

Tomorrow I am attending a A Spa For The Soul with my SIL Angela and our friend Ashley at the Lomas Santa Fe Country Club. We are going to be listening to 3 different uplifting messages and get to have a sit down lunch. Ohhhh la la! I can’t wait for us to spend some good girl time together. Seriously, there is nothing like taking a minute away from the craziness to spend time with friends. I could sit in a hole in the ground with these girls and have a fabulous day.

Sunday I am running the Hot Chocolate 15k with this girl, this girl, this girl, and this girl .

Running, chicks and a whole lot of chocolate. Yes please. How can this not be fun?! Even with forecasted rain and a hilly course I am ready to just get out and enjoy myself. No PR pressure, no race plans, just plain old fashioned fun. And maybe a cute outfit or something.


What are your plans this weekend?

Anyone else running the Hot Chocolate 5k/15k?!


22 thoughts on “Dear Weekend, I need you. Thanks.

  1. I cannot believe you FIT IN A SUITCASE you teeny meenie little thing! Good luck this weekend! I wish I could say I was coming down for the HC run, but I didn’t know how I’d feel after last weekend’s race. Hope you have a ton of fun spa-ing and running! xxoo

  2. Yep, see you there! Have a fun run! Living in the OC…I’m looking forward to heading down to SD for the weekend. Rain and all! : )
    The Spa for the Soul looks GREAT! Enjoy.

  3. Have fun! sounds like a fun run! Anything with hot chocolate in the title sounds good to me. I saw on your schedule that you are running Carlsbad All Day 25K. I will be doing the 5k there. I can’t wait to race on a fast course and watch the fast elite runners after my race.

  4. Haha! love the picture of you in your suitcase.. I might try that when I need to get away from my kids. Have fun at Hot Chocolate and with your girls. I ran the infamous Washington DC hot Chocolate.. tee hee

  5. Yeah, I looked at the elevation chart today and almost crapped myself in fear. 800+ ft gain over 9 miles? That is nearly as bad as the SDTC 8 miler. That makes the hills near my house look kind of tame.

    I kind of still have tiny hopes of PR’ing (my current 15K pr is nothing special, compared to my half and 10K times), but maybe not by as much as I expected.

    1. I know, the hills aren’t messing around. I am not sure who decided on this course but it is a really challenging 15k! I think you have a PR in the bag. You have been running so many miles that your legs are going to be ready to run fast!

  6. maybe the rain will make the hot chocolate seem extra special at the end? either way it better be some supper yummy hot chocolate after all the hills they are making me run! hope to see you there! 🙂

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