11 Random Things…About Moi

The MF Dre (yes, I sing the Eminem song EVERY TIME I read her blog) tagged me in the 11 Things post that’s been going around. There is at least 2,345,124,908 random things about me, so thank you for limiting me to 11. I mean really, we could be here all night!

OK Peeps, here are the RULEZ:

1. Post these rules.
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions set for you in their post.
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5. Go to their blog and tell them you’ve tagged them.
6. No stuff in the tagging section about you are tagged if you are reading this. You legitimately have to tag 11 people.
We know I am a rule breaker (DUH) so I am going to tag whoever wants to do this. But we’ll get to that later, m-kay?
 11 Random Things About MOI

1. My radio station pre-sets in my car are set in accordance to my awesome scale, not numerical order. When I get sick of a station I save a new one over it and it gets moved to FM 2. It’s kind of  like getting evicted on Survivor.

2. I love slippers. When I get home and take my shoes off I immediately put slippers on. Even in the summer time. There are “summer” slippers you know.

3. I have tattoos. One is on my butt. It’s awesome.

4. I rarely blow dry my hair and although I love make up I don’t wear a lot of it. I will not make a mortgage payment on a purse. Simple = me.

5. Legally Blonde and Sweet Home Alabama are my go to movies. I will never get sick of either one. Ever.

6. I have walked a runway (had to have been a fluke, I’m NOT tall), participated in a pageant (1st runner up and Miss Congeniality. Woot!) and danced in both the NYE and NYD parade in Paris, France. Not sure how any of the above happened but I loved every second. Oh, and I was a college cheerleader. GO STATE!


7. In 1993 (High School) I really wanted to be Kelly from 90210. Like really. But without Dylan and a drug problem.

8. I am left handed and it’s awesome. There is something cool about wearing my Garmin on my right wrist while everyone else wears it on their left.

9. I am a sorority girl fo life. Word. I know, you never would have guessed. 

10. I could live on bread with homemade pasta sauce and parmesan cheese. Forever. I never get sick of it.

11. I love coffee. Love it. You probably knew that so it’s not at all random.


Now to answer MF’s questions!

1. In what moment of your day do you feel most free? First thing in the morning when I run. It sets the tone for my day. I absolutely love it!

2. Brag for a moment about one of the accomplishments you’re most proud of. I am so proud to be a Mom. And a pretty good one at that. There is nothing that compares to hearing “I love you Momma, you are awesome.” Not even a big promo at work.

3. You’re having a dinner party.  How many people are you inviting and what would you make? I’m not having a dinner party. Kidding. I would probably do a sushi party and would keep it small. 

4. Do you prefer to work out in the morning? At night? Not at all? Morning!! 

5. Which reality TV show has succeeded in sucking you in season after season? Big Brother. I freaking love it. I even printed out an application. I still may turn it in. You never know!

6.What is the most random thing you put Peanut Butter on? Graham crackers. That’s probably not random.

7. Would you prefer to live a long life or a broad life? Both! Long life so that I can see my great-grandchildren, broad so that I can see the world.

8. Prius.  Love ‘em or Hate ‘em (regardless of the fact that anyone who drives one is a horrible driver) Not for me. There are superior (ok, cooler) hybrids and/or electric cars. Is it extremely dorky that I know a lot about cars?

9. What song are you embarrassed to say you love? Hmmmm…probably Jessica Simpson’s “With You.” Yes, that would be it.

10. Valentines Day? Love it or Hate it?  And what should I do for the Mr? Love it! It’s even more fun with kids around 🙂 I say you pack a picnic for the beach. Sunset is so pretty!

11. What is your best advice for me in my first full Marathon this year? Practice fueling now. This way your body knows just what to do come race day!


Ok, so I am tagging whoever wants to play this fun game!! I know it’s against the rules but so many peeps have already been tagged that I am opening up to all!!

Tell me some random things about you!!