Why Pasadena Didn’t Happen, 11 Things and Remembering To Put On Pants

Last weekend I had planned to run the Inaugural Pasadena Half Marathon. Hotel was booked, dinner planned, outfit picked out and the kids were all excited for a mini “runcation.”

Then this little man ended up sick

A boy's best friend. They camp out in his room.

We went to dinner at Stacked on Friday night (more on that place later) when he started to complain that  his neck hurt. LD noticed a small lump on the right side of his throat/neck and sent him to me for an official mommy check up. I initially thought it was just a swollen gland. We iced, ibuprofened, gave him a throat drop and got him in bed. Around 1 am he came into our room, crying saying it still hurt. I checked his neck and the small bump was now a huge lump. He had a low grade fever and had no range of motion. When your kid can’t turn his head it’s a little scary.

I called advice and they said he needed to come in. By the time he saw the doc it was 2:30 p.m. Turns out he had an infection in his lymph node. How on earth that happened we still aren’t sure. No ear infection, no strep throat, solely in the neck. He was prescribed a strong medication and we were told to monitor him for at least 48 hours. If no change in swelling back to the doc.

My boy needed his mama. There is no race more important than family. Ever.

So now you know why I bailed out on Pasadena. I wouldn’t have made it to packet pick up on time and we were up most of the night on Saturday. Getting up and driving  at 4 am on Sunday was out of the question. I for sure would have fallen asleep driving. No bueno.

We are now on day #6 of antibiotics and he is on the mend. He is still super grumpy so I am hoping once he finishes the meds I’ll have my boy back. I would be ticked if I had to take super gross medicine 3x a day. Yuck.


Running has been going good this week! I have logged 23 miles nearly pain free and have a follow-up with the doc today. If all goes well I will do an easy run tomorrow and then test the waters with a longer run on Saturday morning.  I should end up somewhere around 40-45 miles this week which is great given I had to cut back so much! WOOT! My 2012 goal of 2000 miles is still doable. So stoked on that!


Ok, as I mentioned yesterday (or the day before? I lose track of time!) Teresa tagged me in the 11 Random Things post. Let’s do this!

1. Do you prefer cooking or baking? Ohhh I love both! I guess if I had to choose just one I would go with cooking. I only have one oven but several stove top burners so I can cook more than I can bake!

2. What make-up item can you not live without? Does chapstick count? Love love love it! Also love bronzer.

3. Do you use your own grocery store bags? Yes, when I can remember to pull them out of the trunk! It is so much easier than collecting a thousand plastic bags to recycle.

4. How often do you eat out? Once a week. We usually do new restaurant Friday in our house! Although lately we have been going back to the same place because it’s so dang good!

5. Do you use a flatiron? Yes! I have half straight, half wavy hair. It’s really sexy, lol! I usually let it dry and then use the flat iron. It’s great for days when I do not wash my hair. A little dry shampoo and a flat iron work magic!

6. Workout in the AM or PM? Early bird here! 4:00 am alarm comes way too fast. It’s so weird that I can’t find anyone that wants to join me. If my family wasn’t 45 min away my Dad and brother would be right there with me!

7. Do you prefer working out with friends or alone? Some days I need alone time but friends help push me! I usually work out solo during the week and with friends on the weekend.

8. What’s your profession? High Net Worth Insurance. Good times people, good times. If I wasn’t under a confidentiality agreement I would have a camera follow me around so that you could see and hear what goes on in my world. Yes I check TMZ often. Entertainment for hours.

9. Favorite beverage? Coffee! Love it.

10. Do you use public transportation? When I travel to the city, yes! Here in my town public transportation isn’t the best. The trolley works to downtown and the coaster to L.A. Other than that we are sunk. I ride my bike to most places on the weekend, so driving is only to and from the office for the most part.

11. Did you have a pet growing up? Yes! Grew up with golden retrievers. Now I have a boxer who will be 9 in May. She is so sweet!


Thank you Teresa for tagging me! You have a beautiful family!

OK, off to drop my drawers at the docs office and then headed to a symposium in La Jolla. With my pants on. I promise.

19 thoughts on “Why Pasadena Didn’t Happen, 11 Things and Remembering To Put On Pants

  1. “There is no race more important than family. Ever.” …I couldn’t agree more mama!! 😀

    happy that your lil’ guy is feeling better. poor baby! 😦

    love your positive attitude!! xo

  2. Glad to hear your little guy is going better! My daughter had that exact same thing ( swollen glands) last winter and again this winter! I knew something was up when she could turn her head. 😦 And you are right, there will be other races and opportunities……ain’t no thang! 😉

  3. Glad to hear your little one is better. I have a boxer who is 9 too. She’ll be 10 in October. Boxers are the greatest dogs and the best snugglers ever!! I have no kids so she gets all the attention. I love to see boxers up in age, it makes me sad because they are so prone to cancers.
    Your job sounds exciting. Umm, if you ever bump into Justin Timberlake, tell him he needs to look me up. I’m hoping for a dance-off one day. 🙂

    1. You got it sister! Listen here, if a dance off is scheduled I am there. Love me some Justin!

      We love our boxer! Her mama passed at 8 years old so we feel so lucky to still have her around. She was the runt and compared to her brother (our friends own him) she looks good! Now we just need to keep her hips in shape and the c word away.

      1. I know, Justin rocks my socks off!!

        Your girl looks good! My old girl is getting so much gray. I hear you about keeping those hips in shape. Brie doesn’t realize that her body is slowing down and she acts no different than she did at 2. Bless her heart, she just loves to play and run. I wish they could live forever.

  4. I wish I could find someone who would get up at 4am to run with me too! I never go so early, as I am concerned with personal safety (I live in London currently).

    1. Yes, that is exactly why most of my weekday runs are on a TM. I just got an email last night from someone who is ready to party at 4 am so it looks like I may get an outdoor run in soon! WOOHOO!

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