Will you run for Chocolate?

A few things before I jump into last night’s event:

1. I have gotten several emails regarding the piriformis/hip/glute strengthening/stretching moves I got from a PT. I am going to put together a post on this- maybe even a VLOG (what?!)- to try to help those of you suffering from a pain in your rear. Or those of you wanting to join the ranks of J-Lo and Beyoncé. DISCLAIMER: I am not a PT and I cannot guarantee recovery.

2. If you have not yet made the move to join the Daily Mile I am encouraging you to do so. The support/motivation there is fantastic and it will hold you accountable to your workouts. Not a runner? Not a problem. It tracks all workouts (cycling, cross-training, swimming, etc) so there really is no excuse. Plus you can be my friend. I know, what a bonus 😉


Last night I headed to Avenue 5 restaurant for an event hosted by RAM racing. Let me keep it real. I did not feel like attending this event due to my serious lack of sleep on Monday night. It was one of those times where I had to weigh the pros and cons. Pro: Friends will be there. Pro: Would like to form my own opinion of Ram Racing. Con: I am tired as a mofo and could come off as quiet and snotty. I decided to take my chances.  

As soon as I walked through the doors of the restaurant I got a second wind. There was a lot of chatter and the mood was relaxed. Thank gosh. I immediately met David Wallach, the Chief Marketing Officer of RAM Racing. He was kind, humble and welcoming. He talked to me about their company and their plans to put on a stellar Hot Chocolate race here in San Diego. Is it easy for someone to talk about how great an event will be? Sure. That’s how you drive registration. Yet he was different. He didn’t avoid discussing the challenges of prior races and what changes they have made to make sure those one-off’s don’t happen again. He admitted they have made mistakes. I liked that. Honesty goes a long way with me.

After our chat I saw my friends walk through the door! Woohoo! SR, OUAL, Margot and Monica carpooled from the OC to wreak havoc on SD.

Photo Cred: RER

Ok, not really, but they did bring fun and good discussion to the table. I also finally got to meet Linzay! She is as sweet as she comes across in her blog and her smile is infectious. So excited to have met a new friend!

We sat down to eat and Steve Ginsburg, president of RAM, gave us background on the company and how the Hot Chocolate race series came to be.

 He is dedicated to making racing fun and safe and most importantly: FULL OF CHOCOLATE 🙂 I am not sure if he knew what he was getting himself into once he decided to squeeze in at the end of our table. All of us were well aware of the race that didn’t go well in DC. There was no way that questions regarding that race could be avoided.

He was open and  fair in his responses to questions regarding planning, logistics and social media. He didn’t really address exactly what went wrong in DC. However, he came across as genuine and again determined to put on a great race here in SoCal. When all was said and done he said he appreciated the good conversation.

This night was a lot of fun and very positive for both RAM Racing and SoCal running community. I am looking forward to the Hot Chocolate 15k. Ram Racing talked the talk last night and now it’s time to walk the walk.

Race Info:

Hot Chocolate 15k/5k
March 25th – San Diego, CA
5K start time — 6:30am*   15K start time — 7:00am*
Course: A tough one. Tough is good. It will make you a better runner. Plus you will have bragging rights after you kill it on a hilly course. Just sayin.

Goodie Bag: You get a jacket. No really. A jacket.

And there will be chocolate. A lot of it. YESSSSSSS.


Will you be participating in the Hot Chocolate 5k/15k race series?

Have you had a bad race experience and then given the company a second chance to make a first impression?

~ You all know I had a LOT to say about RNR Vegas yet I am running RNR Pasadena. Let’s hope that race is much more organized!

23 thoughts on “Will you run for Chocolate?

  1. I will be super interested to hear about your next RnR race. I was also in Vegas and told myself, never again Competitor! Hopefully, positive things will come from that experience for them because I would love to make more “tour stops” 🙂

  2. I actually had the pleasure of running the hot choc in DC- it was the first race I trained for and I was really disappointed… It was an absolute disaster and I think that I could have gotten over that if RAM would have accepted responsibility. I was really disappointed in the way they handled the whole situation, placing blame on everyone else….

    1. That would make me nuts. I do not blame you for being upset! No apology is unacceptable. If things don’t go well for them in Dallas this weekend or SD once the race is here I am not sure what they will do.

      One thing I will say about RNR is after Vegas we all got an apology and we were all told we would receive a special offer for 2012. They even offered us $50 off a race in Jan. I liked that. They did tell us no refunds on our race entry due to the cost to put on the event, but offering a discount later was a great way to make it up.

  3. I really want to do this one! sounds like a lot of fun. 15k would be a new distance, new PR. winning…!! I think it’s great that the coordinators are wanting to make sure that this race is a success. I’m sure with all of the adivce you had to offer they were taking notes and cross our fingers and toes it will. mistakes are ok as long as we can learn from them, improve and move on. surf city last year had some kinks but, this year it was awesome and it made me forget about the cons from the previous year. I’m still curious to see what R&R vegas is going to do this year. I’ve always looked forward to the Vegas Marathon every year but, we’ll just have to see what competitor group does to fix things… A LOT of things!!

    have a happy Thursday pretty mommy!! 🙂 xo

    1. I am curious to see what RNR has to offer too. It needs to be hard to resist- I am thinking of heading back to Sac or maybe White Rock in Dallas?!?

      Happy Thursday to you my friend!! Hugs!

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