Rehab Day 1: Operation Work That Booty

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I hit the gym this morning to get my rehab action on so that I can back to busting out miles ASAP.

Pinky McPinkerton here reporting to you live from my gym at 4:55 a.m. Today’s plan was to get some good cardio in to keep me race ready while strengthening my hips and glutes. This little pain in the rear has been a good reminder to me that I need to continue to incorporate strength training at least twice a week. I swear by it.

Operation work that booty is a go.

Started with 32 minutes on the moving stairs. Warmed up at level 12, ended at level 17. I completed 4 miles so if I was running that’s an 8 min pace. I’ll take it. I got through this with no pain so I am hopeful that the stairs will keep me in good cardio shape!

I then moved on to the open training room and did work (and may have pictured Dovlett yelling at me to get it done. just maybe):

6 sets of hip abductions
6 sets of leg lifts
6 sets of hip extensions
20 min of core: side and traditional planks, crunches, stability ball knee tucks (traditional and side) Stretched and foam rolled to cool down.

I am determined to get rid of this lame hip/butt annoyance. Watch out J-Lo, I may be the new VP of  Bubble Butts when I am done. I don’t think the world is ready for that. HA!


I still plan on running Tink this weekend unless my butt says no. What? You’ve never heard someone talk out of their……oh…wait…awww man….

23 thoughts on “Rehab Day 1: Operation Work That Booty

  1. Seriously, strength training is the way to go if you are injury prone (***raising hand and waving like crazy here***). My hip flexors are WHACK. I did strength training X 2 weekly (3 on a good week) and it saved me.

    Try out the Smith Machine when you get a chance too. Ouch but good stuff.

  2. Hopefully I’ll see you at Tink! I’m running with some friends (“running” is used loosely) – probably a 2:45 finish to be silly and ridiculous, if your butt doesn’t cooperate, you are welcome to join us!

  3. Your booty isn’t going to know what hit it!

    I got through LA and San Diego injury free (after the initial knee problem with LA that I worked out way back in the training) and the whole time I was strength training. So, yeah, agree that it does work.

  4. Funny funny girl. I will be praying for your booty and hoping you have a pain free race. And wishing I was in DL with you and the fam. Xoxo

  5. Level SEVENTEEN on the stairclimber?? I didn’t even know that we possible! I only once went up to 14, but it was by accident and I almost tripped.
    I am pretty darn uncomfortable around level 13, but 17?? You have made the unfathomable seem somewhat fathomable. 🙂 You make me want to try so much harder in all my gym sessions. Awesome job on your 1st day of booty rehab!

    1. I know right! I don’t know how high it goes but I think it may be 20! I made it to 19 today and I think I was close to falling off, lol. Good thing that was only for the last 5 min!

      Go get it girl! It feels good to push hard- even though I may be paying for it tomorrow!

  6. You killed it on the stairmaster. That thing usually almost kills me and I’m nowhere near level 17!!

    I’m definitely incorporating strength training on a regular basis now. Hopefully it will help reduce injuries for me, too.

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