There are no words to describe

Total Heartbreak. I am so disappointed. 




Typing that hurts. Not as bad as my hip/butt. Piriformis. 

I’ve cried all of my tears and I need to rest, recover and get ready for next weekend. 

27 thoughts on “There are no words to describe

  1. Oh no! You were on my mind this morning! I’m so sorry. Take care of yourself & recover – there’s other races to come & glad u were smart about it.

  2. I will pray for healing and also comfort (2 Corinthians 3-5 are my favorite verses. You will be comforted by the Father of compassion, and someday when other people go through the pain of an injury or DNF, you will be able to comfort them with the same comfort Our Father gives you now).
    There are many races in the future where I know you will do amazingly!

  3. I am so bummed for you. I am proud of you for having the courage to stop though. Sometimes that takes more strength than anything. Rest up and take it easy this week. xx

  4. Oh no; I am so gutted for you, Nicole 😦 I think it is a good thing that you were able to listen to your body and stop. It takes a smart runner to not just run through and risk injury. Best wishes for your rest and recovery!

  5. It’s just one race of many….all will be fine. It happens. And pifiro….whatever the word is , I have to look into it. My hip issues often migrate to my butt, sounds like the same thing….

  6. rest your mind & body mommy. cuddle with your babies and hubby. you have a great attitude and I know you’ll be fine. you’re a beautiful lady!! sorry that things didn’t go as planned today but, sometimes they don’t. we all have days, races that don’t go according to OUR plan. sometimes there’s something BIGGER around the corner for us. thinking about you. sending you hugs!! 🙂 xo

  7. We all have those days. Give yourself a moment to have a good cry and be upset about it, then try to put it past you. One race does not determine your whole racing career, and I’m sure you’ll come back stronger, smarter, and more determined your next race.

  8. I wish I could be as strong as you and stop when my body is telling me too. That takes all kind of courage and brains to do that. I’m proud of you momma. Just like I’m proud of our niners for getting as far as they did. Love you girly, I will check in on you later. Xoxo

  9. So bummed for you, but so encouraged by you being smart about it. I’m sitting in the pharmacy waiting for medication-bronchitis. Tink was going to be my first half. Totally heartbroken.

  10. It totally happened to me in Houston 2 weeks ago. I completely feel your pain. Trained well for a great race- not hints of an issue then BAM, mile 11 and my hip gave out. Congrats on listening to your body. It’s tough to do- especially mid-race. Rest, ice, foam roll and stretch. They have helped me so far!

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