It’s The Little Things

After being told for the past week that heavy rain was in the forecast for Sunday (and for the record I have been kind of worried about it. Hills + rain+ clumsy me = scary) I woke up this morning and saw this

I have no idea what SOSA means (do you?) but as long as I am going to be running a marathon in DRY weather I don’t care! YIPPEEE! Hello sunshine and hello no need for a rain jacket! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE say this is right!

Yes, I realize how super spoiled I am. I pay for this beautiful weather and, darn it, I expect it. I love foggy beach mornings that turn into 64 degree days.  It’s perfect. Seriously perfect. Especially when it comes to running. Why ever would I want to run in pouring rain if I don’t have to?

It is crazy how easy it is to become accustomed to warm weather. I remember as a kid having coldish winter days in Northern Cal. It snowed once or twice in my town but it mostly happened up the hill a ways. Let’s face it, it’s still California and it’s never really “freezing”. Like ever. 

Enough of my weather girl chat.


So did I tell you all that my parents hooked me up with a BELIEVE training journal?

Photo Source:

(Source) It has space to record goals, keep track of training and has inspirational quotes/advice throughout. Although I have only been using it since January 1st it has helped me significantly. How? By keeping me on track and focused on MY goals. Dang it if social media hasn’t steered me off course multiple times. It is so easy to lose track of what I want to accomplish when I see what others are accomplishing. Haven’t we all done this at one time or another? GUILTY!

 Having a diary has helped me to stick to what works for me (mileage, pace, etc) and hopefully will allow me to see what does and does not jive. It will help me to adjust when needed or continue to do what I am doing. Most importantly it will be a place for me to go and just record thoughts without worrying about being judged.  Being able to stay in a positive place is huge for me and helps me to be a better runner (and person in general).

3 more sleeps until marathon #5! Possibly in sunshine. It’s the little things. Woohooo!


Do you keep a journal?

If not I say go for it! You don’t have to use it for running- it could be for any fitness goal in general. Something private for you to motivate you and keep you on track.

Are you a weather wimp like me or would you take on 26.2 no problem in a torrential downpour?

Remember the LA Marathon last year?!

25 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things

  1. I just googled S.O.S.A. and it stands for Sort of Santa Ana, meaning Santa Ana conditions without the wind “thus making the weather perfect in the region”. Here’s the link:

    Sounds like great weather for a race! I wouldn’t run a marathon (or any race longer than a 10K) in a downpour or blizzard.

    I don’t keep a journal but I do track my workouts and details in I think I would have a hard time sharing workouts on dailymile or something too because I’d feel competitive or insecure.

    1. Ahhh thank you!!! PERFECT WEATHER?!?!?! WAHOOOOOO!!!!!!! What more could a gal ask for?!

      I was scared to join DM too but have started to find it to be encouraging. But I totally get it- you see so many others workouts and think, dang, I am slacker! 🙂 Hehehe!

  2. I’m so happy you love your journal! I was excited when I found it. I love putting my thoughts on paper. There’s something about picking up a pen or pencil and writiing verses typing on a computer.
    Now to the weather. Wohoo is right!!! I’ve been praying for sunshine on Sunday. I saw the news this morning and immediately thought thank goodness Nicolie isn’t going to be running in a down pour. El Camino to Palomar Airport Rd = hilly is right!
    It’s going to be a good weekend.

  3. Good luck at the Carlsbad Marathon! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

    SO true about the whole social media thing and very easy lose sight and get caught up with what others are doing. I love that journal! I need to get me one!!

  4. I have been bird-dogging the forecast and it changed yesterday to cloudy, now it says sunny!? Well, as long as it’s anywhere from drizzle to sunny (and not hot) I am happy!

  5. I had a plain journal that I took everywhere with me to write in. I bought this one and was worried it would be more maintenance, take too long, be redundant, etc… But I LOVE IT!!!! It’s so fun! Set up specifically for us. My 15 year old daughter sat and asked me questions and wrote them down for me when it came it. She loved the illustrations and we all found the “hidden meaning” in each picture. It’s beautiful and I use it daily and carry it around everywhere just like the last one. It’s great to see the goals written down and even better now that I”ve started checking things off my list!!

    1. I agree, it’s so fun! I also like the advice on remembering to take a moment and let go and “run free!” I love that! No stress- just relaxing and running because we can. SO AWESOME!

  6. I have been keeping a fitness journal for almost two years now. I’ve been recording more things like how I slept the night before, what kind of weather, and what time of day the workout was (at least if it was significant).

    So far, I have been blessed with wonderful weather during all of my races! I live in NorCal, and we have definitely been spoiled this winter with perfect weather in the 50’s and 60’s.

  7. OH MY GOODNESS…I want that journal so bad, that is awesome. I am a weather wimp for RACES but for fun runs I love it when it is raining or snowing. You are going to rock it gorgeous girl!

    1. OK girl, you NEED this journal. You would love it! Yipppeee for good racing weather 🙂 I would love a fun run in the snow. Just peace and quiet and the beauty of nature! You are so lucky 🙂

  8. Yea for good weather! I think that’s probably a sign that it’s also going to be a rockin good race for you! (And I have no idea what the heck Sosa could mean…weird.)

    Cool journal. I keep track of my mileage on a calendar, but I’ve never used a journal… that’s a nifty idea! I have started to do a little pregnancy journal… I want to remember all the cute stuff (and not so cute stuff) about this amazing journey! 🙂

    Good luck this weekend!!!

  9. I’m insane with jealousy over that weather. It has been in the teens here with winds up to 40mph, so that makes for single digit and below zero wind chills. I was hoping for a break when it warmed up to a practically balmy 25 today, but now it’s snowing and 3 inches are expected. Sigh. Have a great race with your great weather!

  10. I didn’t even know what the weather was going to be like until one of your previous posts! Thank you for another indicating BETTER weather b/c I couldn’t imagine being soaked an entire 26.2! Funny thing too, is I was just looking at one of the believe journals the other day 🙂 I have started to keep a more detailed log of each morning run which I hope will be beneficial in the future!

  11. YAY 4 sunshine!! 🙂 I agree with Chacha and feel you’re are very capable of a major PR for this marathon! You got this!! I’ve enjoyed following your training cycle for Carlsbad. You really are going to do great! Just take it easy those first few miles. 🙂

    love your lulu outfit btw. super dang cute!!

    after LA marathon I’m okay with the rain. looks like we’ll have a little drizzle for tomorrow’s 5k. but, I don’t think this socal girl can handle snow or temps below 30*. no thanks!!

    I don’t have a journal. I love DM. First time I’ve ever recorded workouts. I love it!! I love that they give me a weekly readout of my workouts. Great accountability right there!

    YAY 4 FRIDAY and weekend!! I’ll be cheering for you on Sunday mommy!!!! 🙂 xo

  12. Haha SOSA!! Love it! Yay for sunshine!!

    I don’t have a journal but now that you mention it, it’s not a bad idea. I would love to have a place to record my triumphs and failures and find some inspiration along the way. It’s all a learning experience and I think a journal could be a great tool to help learn more about myself.

    Good luck on Sunday!!

  13. So jealous of the beautiful weather you get to run in! I am stuck in the cold, and snow for now – lovely new england:-) I am a weather wimp! I do not like to run in less than optimal conditions – especially if it’s a marathon or any race. and I’m not afraid to admit it:-)
    Good luck at the marathon this weekend!!

  14. Hi there. Found you over at SR’s blog. I do have a running journal, but it’s just one of the pages on my blog. It’s helping me stay motivated and committed, I note how I feel especially my knee’s etc. I am definitely a weather whimp. Don’t love the heat (in AZ), and yet I don’t like it below 50 either. Especially when I first get going. 🙂 As for rain, I’ve only ran in it once, 5 miles and loved every second of it.

    1. Ahhhh, another runner that demands perfect weather! I heart you 🙂 It’s not too much to ask, right? I am ok in rain for a 10k. Ran in rain for a half and managed, but wet soggy shoes for 26.2 just doesn’t sound appealing. Again, I am a total wimp!

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