So much awesomeness, so little time.

So many awesome things happened yesterday, where do I start?

Ok Numero Uno: Family

Every year me, my bro and sis (and our significant others) all pitch in and pay for family photos as a Christmas gift to my parents. It really is the best gift as we all get together, mayhem ensues and the outcome is memories that last a lifetime. Sure is better than a black friday clearance sweater from Macy’s that will get worn once and tossed in a good will bag. 

Yesterday we headed to Balboa Park for our annual session. We had photographer (and our dear friend) Jon Moyer and his beautiful wife Melanie take our photos. They were amazing. We never felt like we were being awkwardly posed and they knew just where to take us around the park. Together they took a ton of candid shots and just made everything so easy. With 4 kids all 4.5 and under we expected madness. It was almost too easy. I think it’s because they go to run around and play in between taking pics. So different from being stuck in a studio where meltdowns are all too common. Here are a few shots I got between takes

Yes I know they Moyers, however, even if I didn’t know them personally I would still highly recommend them to you! Jon has an eye for photography and is just so good at what he does. Melanie is ridiculously good at making people feel relaxed and together they are magical. If you are thinking about having photos taken, or just want to see pics of celebrities (because Jon is THAT awesome) go check out Jon Moyer Photography!

After out photo sesh we headed back to my parents house (and then across the street to my brother’s house) for some serious food, kid craziness (read: my son gave the kids it was a good idea to take a bath and my 3-year-old nephew put my 2-year-old nephew and daughter into a full bath and they all got caught) and sports action.

Which leads me into …

Numero Dos: Sports

Holy day in sports. My Aztecs beat UNLV in hoops! WOOT! The Niners took down the Saints leading to a huge family celebration, my brother’s Pats showed that the Bronco’s got lucky last week and the OLYMPIC TRIALS were crazy AWESOME!!!

Making the 2012 Team for the marathon are as follows:


1 Meb Keflezighi 36 Mammoth Lakes, CA New York Athletic Club (NYAC) 2:09:08 +0:00
 2 Ryan Hall 29 Mammoth Lakes, CA Asics 2:09:30 +0:22
 3 Abdi Abdirahman 33 Tucson, AZ Nike 2:09:47 +0:39


1 Shalane Flanagan 30 Portland, OR Oregon TC Elite 2:25:38 +0:00
 2 Desiree Davila 28 Rochester Hills, MI Hansons-Brooks Distance Project 2:25:55 +0:17
 3 Kara Goucher 33 Portland, OR Oregon TC Elite 2:26:06 +0:28

I cannot wait for the games! The summer olympics are my favorite and I have a feeling the U.S is going to bring it!


Numero Tres: Rest. Sat What?

I am at that point in taper when I am feeling like I need to go run 20 miles to prove to myself that I will be ok next weekend. This is so normal for  wacky old me and I hate it. I love taper until this point where doubt sets in. No bueno. I may go for an easy short run this afternoon to keep my legs going. This week will consist of one speed work sesh and one short tempo run and then EEEEEEEEEEEE! Marathon time 🙂 I can’t believe Carlsbad is here! And then Tink the next weekend…which did result in a new totally appropriate outfit (Please ignore the bad photo quality. I am a mom and business woman, my photo skills are not quite there)

Speaking of races please head over to Heather’s blog and consider participating in her virtual race that will benefit Team Gab! Besides being a super hero and donating to pediatric cancer research you could win some awesome prizes. That’s a win/win, no?


Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!

23 thoughts on “So much awesomeness, so little time.

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfit! Good luck next weekend! I’ll be there running the half. Looks like we might get rained on – oh well!

  2. I am exactly the same way when it comes to the taper; after a period of rest I start to doubt my ability to hit that 26.2. I swear, sometimes the logical part of brain completely short-circuits. Best of luck with your upcoming events!

  3. Those pics are so cute! I’m sure I’ve said this before, but gosh… Your family is so gorgeous! I’ve been pretty thrilled about the trials and the niners!!! You’re going to kick butt in your races! Love the ruffles. 🙂

  4. I watched the last ten minutes of the women’s Olympic qualifiers. When Shalane, Desi, and Kara ran in, I got a little teary-eyed with them. So happy for them!
    My brothers were also crazy impressed with the speed, grace, and power these women have. Plus, strong women= beautiful!

  5. Your fam is so cute! and so are your LuLu ruffles. 🙂 The countdown is on – only a few more days until you and your ruffles kick some tail feather in Carlsbad. Not sure when my next race is…need to find a good one. Was going to try to run with Heather and some of the other girls for Team Gab Virtual on 1/28 but not sure I can make it that day yet. Any interest?

    I don’t know any of them, (well I met SarahOUaL at Operation Jack), but I thought it could be fun to meet others and run with a group.


    1. Hiiiyyyaaaa! Well, we’ll see about Cbad. If it is pouring rain it’s going to be tough to power through for several hours. I may buy hand warmers and pin them inside of my shirt and break them open if needed. Whatever works, right?

      I am going to participate in the virtual too! I can’t run on 01/28 since we will be at the Tink expo and then race is the next morning. I could use that race since Heather is running it too. They are an awesome group of gals, you will fit right in I promise!!

      Are you going to run PCRF? I am still up in the air since I have so many races Jan-April. I need to take a break but am super tempted by Fontana!!

  6. I was thinking about PCRF and Fontana too but not totally committed yet either. Need to talk to Peter about it and coordinate with his racing schedule (cars!). Would be kind of awesome if he had a race in Fontana (Fon-tucky as we call it in the car world) the same weekend though and I’d do both.

    Trying to see if I can meet up with the girls for 1/28. The timing may not work though as we have something that day. If not, I’m planning my second 20 miler that day for LA prep. OY!

    And I vote yes on the hand warmers. I wear gloves almost always when I run outdoors Nov-March/April because my hands freeze. You will only regret not having them if you need them and don’t bring them. xx

  7. I’ve been eyeing that lulu skirt!! I want it! and it actually looks cuter in your picture than I think it looks online – can’t wait to hear how fast it makes you run;-) love it!!!

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