The Crazies Are Out

Hi Friends! I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Monday. It’s sunny and nice here today and it just feels like a positive day. Let’s hope it stays that way- it’s a full moon and in my industry the crazies tend to come out. So bizarre. If anyone knows why a full moon turns normal people nutty let me know.


With 2 weeks until the Carlsbad Marathon taper is leading to the usual aches and pains. I have been diligently sticking to the Run Less Run Faster plan and I do feel better than I did before the Vegas Marathon. Remember when I could barely muster a 16 mile run during that taper? This time around I feel much better on the reduced distance long runs. I sure hope it’s a good thing!

So on tap this week we have:

  • Tempo  Run: 2 mi @ easy, 3 mi @ 7:23, 1 mi @ easy
  • Speed: 20 min w/u, 5×1000 @ 4:09 (1:30RI), 10 min C/D
  • Long Run: 10 mi @ 8:12
  • Optional 4th run @ easy pace

I did my tempo run this morning at it went better than planned. You can check it out HERE on the Daily Mile. Or if you are like me and are too lazy to go to another website here it is:  2 mi @ easy, mi 3 7:24, mi 4 7:24, mi 5 7:19, 1 mi @ easy. Total time was 47:25. BOOM, tempo run done.

I am up in the air about the optional 4th run. I am going to do rowing/spinning on my off days so I may just stick with 3 runs this week. Plus one week after Carlsbad I have the Tinkerbell Half Marathon. I better get my costume together stat!

Is anyone running Carlsbad or Tink?

~ I know Chacha and SR will be running the full at Carlsbad and I am pretty sure Heather is running Tink!


10 thoughts on “The Crazies Are Out

  1. Thank God I’m not doing the tinkerbell, too. I don’t think I could survive back-to-back races at this point. I got through 15 miles yesterday reasonably well. Today I was feeling OK but then did 35-40 minutes of yoga and that seems to move things around back to achy again. Meh.

    I did get some new kicks yesterday – decided to replace my ravennas (315 miles – 80 miles earlier than the last pair) with new ones and got the custom RRS insoles. Have to say the custom insoles kind of rock.

    1. Yay for 15! That is awesome given that a week or so ago your back was super jacked up. YAHOO! I often have to switch my shoes before the 4-500 rule. Not sure if it has to do with my foot strike? Love RRS insers. They are worth every sent and they last a good long while.

  2. I’ll be running the Carlsbad Marathon! Getting a little nervous, the course looks wicked with that climb at mile 8 😦 The Tinkerbell 1/2 sounds like fun, can’t wait to hear about it!!!

  3. Good luck in the Carlsbad… I love that place! Your training looks pretty solid, so I’m sure you’ll rock it!! I totally wish I were running the Tink… looks so dang fun, but I’ll still be in Guam. Boo. (But it’s pretty rad here, too, so I guess I can’t actually complain.)

    Good luck with the crazies, too. I don’t know what it is about the full moon… weird. I do usually get the urge to do night hikes when there’s a good full moon to hike by… but I’m not sure that’s makes me too crazy. 🙂

  4. You’re doing so great with your training! The “RLRF” is challenging esp. the speed portions.

    I wanted to run the Tinkerbell half but, it sold out pretty fast! I know you’re going to do AWESOME! 🙂

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