Dear Garmin, please be nice to me.

As some of you saw on Twitter yesterday I am apparently an idiot when it comes to IT stuff. Although I am on a computer downloading/uploading daily I couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out how to get my new Garmin 405 to sync to my computer.

I spent an hour downloading, registering, re-registering, downloading and getting extremely irritated all to get my run to “wirelessly sync” to my computer. HOLY FRICKEN NIGHTMARE. I had to walk away and take a shower to refocus. For those of you that have a Garmin why is it so complicated to get the thing set up? For Peet’s sake, it should be a one step process. With Nike I just had to plug my GPS watch into the USB drive (just like the sportband) and whamo, I was logged in to view my info. One step. Simple = awesome.

I finally found online tech support and got it to work. Woohooo! Once I got logged in I saw these beautiful splits from my Monday morning run!

The first 4 miles were hilly and hard. I was tired and had to really talk myself into continuing on. I got an easy downhill at 5 and started to feel good. At miles 6-7 and hit a TON of red lights but I knew I was getting close to a path where I would be able to just run. Once I got there I got into a groove and never looked back. The last 3 miles were mostly flat with a few gentle rollers and I kicked it into gear. It felt so good!

I have been wavering back and forth about Carlsbad. This run was definitely a confidence booster. I NEED these kind of runs to keep me going.


I can’t believe we only have 5 days left in 2011. How are you going to ring in 2012?!


14 thoughts on “Dear Garmin, please be nice to me.

  1. Great looking splits! I love my Garmin…you will really enjoy it…such a great investment! I lost my charger unfortunately but just got a great deal on one from Amazon so I’ll be back in business here pretty soon!

    I’ll be running back to back half marathons on NYE and NY Day so should be a good time!

  2. I’ve heard the 405 has lots of bells and whistles, so, not surprised if it was confusing. I recently had issues with mine – it was weird, the Garmin website made me register it and then I couldn’t figure out where the upload button went. Meh. It’s back to normal, but, I do find the whole process a bit klugey (held together with glue and toothpicks).

  3. Okay.. I obviously need to get with it.. I have NO idea how to see my splits other than to look on the watch. Geez. Why is technology so hard?!?

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