Day 3: It’s gettin’ crazy up in here.

Today is Day #3 of sticking to RLRF. It is amazing how good my legs/feet feel. I have intermittently used the plan as a guide for speedwork and tempo runs, but have now committed sticking to this training through the month of January. I just feel like it is the only option for me at this point given my super crazy schedule and back to back races quickly approaching! Eeeeeeee!!!!!

For those of you interested here is what this week looks like:

Mon: Rest

Tues: Mile repeats. 20 min warm @ easy, 3×1600 @ 6:51 w/400m active recovery between sets, 10 min cool

Weds: Crosstrain (I did spin followed by core/strength training)

Thurs: 11 miles. 1 mile @ easy, 10 miles @ 8:12 avg pace

Fri: Crosstrain

Sat: 15 miles @ 8:12 avg pace

Sun: Rest

Just reading that makes me smile. No stress, no “fast” long runs, no running a zillion miles a day. Legs are happy. Now let’s just hope it doesn’t result in total failure come January. A few weeks ago Josh Cox tweeted saying something along the lines of  if you want to be a better runner than you need to run more. That is great for people who have time to run. I, unfortunately only have the option of 5 am running so not to disrupt my commitment to my family. Oh yeah, and my job. I am so busy during the day that I often can’t remember what I had for breakfast. Or I remember  what I ate but I don’t really remember what it tasted like because I was scarfing while doing 73 other things. Sound familiar?

Ladies- you feel me, right?


Do you stick to a training plan or are you a super woman/man like OUAL and don’t train and still bust out sub-2 hour half marathons?

Are you travelling for Christmas/New Years? What are your plaaannnnzzzzzzz?


18 thoughts on “Day 3: It’s gettin’ crazy up in here.

  1. That’s still a pretty impressive schedule. I wish I could just bust out an 11 mile training run on a weekday morning!

    I’m stay-cationing it for the holidays. I have an 18-miler planned for Saturday morning w/ running buds so should be fun!

  2. Haha… my minimalist training stems from laziness, not superhero-dom. I’m not too busy to properly train, I just don’t want to… ahem ALL YOU MOMS HOW DO YOU DO IT SERIOUSLY

  3. Well, you still banged out 30+ miles!

    I’m having good success with increasing mileage at slower paces but I have more time than you do – especially with my job having a flexible start time. I think RLRF makes total sense with only having limited time :o)

    Itching to bail from work. Don’t think they will officially release us early but our cafeteria isn’t serving lunch. So, that tells you something. They don’t expect people to stick around.

    1. I want your job- and your co’s vacay policy. We are working our butts off. We are letting our employees go at 1pm tomorrow. I can only hope to leave early, lol. Hey, at least we got Monday off! YEAH!

  4. Haha! I totally hear you… Though my life has been about as uncrazy as it could be lately.. I know the crazy days and the madness of trying to squeeze in mileage at every crack. My shower were seriously lacking those days. I think that is an awesome workout plan… And I know it’s worked for a lot of people. Once I have kids that are taking my time plus work plus whatever… I know I’ll be using it.

    Plans for the holiday: run/ play at the beach/ relax!

  5. Fo Real.. you still rock. I think anyone who makes a commitment to run and train and work full time and has a family is a form of Superwoman, but it’s so hard!! Talk about making sure you have your time management, right?! Our Christmas crazy starts today but is highly organized and doesn’t feel crazy. Christmas with my Dad tonight, Run in the am, Christmas Brunch at my Granny’s, followed by Christmas with my Mom, then church, then Christmas with Hubs fam. Christmas day is almost boring compared to Christmas Eve! 🙂

  6. Staying here for Christmas this year to spend it with my husband’s family. For about 4 years in a row, I traveled to my sister’s house for Christmas, and as much as I loved it, I also love NOT traveling and waking up in my own bed on Christmas morning.

    You are my hero for all you do and how you manage to fit it all in! I love to be busy, though. A crazy schedule like yours makes days off so glorious! I think I appreciate them so much more.

  7. Nice job! I totally follow a RLRF / running planet hybrid. Perfect for me. Lots of miles make me sad and tired. Faster miles and shorter workouts just feel better for me :).

    Although I’m tempted to try a 60 or 70 mile week or two just to see what it feels like. What do you think?

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