26 thoughts on “Strip At Night: Done

  1. Congratulations! How exciting to get a PR in Vegas! I ran my first marathon (CIM in Sacramento) the same day :D. God blessed us with a wonderful and unforgettable Sunday!

  2. PR’ing in what sounded like a complete CF is impressive. You are going to kill Carlsbad – they are so well organized, there won’t be any merge/timing issues. Granted it’ll be dark when we start but whatever! At least it’ll be uncrowded!

  3. Congratulations Nicole!! glad THAT’S over…you know?! 🙂 Did you see OUAL and Emily? They were awesome cheerleaders!! Seriously, thought about jumping over the fence to hang out with them. They looked like they were having MUCH more fun!! 🙂

    Happy that we finally had a chance to say “hello!!” Your dance skills are impressive! 🙂

    1. Yes, I wanted to go hang out with them too! OUAL was screaming her head off, lol!!!

      I am so glad we got to hang out 🙂 We will do that again soon!

      P/S Dancing the night away before a marathon is NOT a good idea! HAHA!

  4. I’m kinda PROUD to be your BF!!! So super proud of your PR, I was cheering you on in my head the whole time and looking for you to pass me!! 🙂 Great Job MAMA!!

  5. I. Die. You wore a feather headband in your hair?! *bowing down* I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy! (okay. I really hope you have seen Wayne’s World or else that is going to be weird.) Congrats on the PR!

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