Hello Vegas!

Rooooaaaddddd Trrriipppppp. I don’t know how many miles it is from our town to Vegas, but I know it’s about 4ish hours.

When we broke 100 miles I threw a car party. Me and LD. Party animals.

Poor SLC. Apparently it is unknown how far it is from where we were to Utah. Maybe Janae  can tell us!

Yes, that’s snow on the mountains. And then…

Vegas Baby Vegas.

Got checked in, met up with friends, headed to the expo, went to a super blogger meet up at Ghiradelli, met up with my best friend, went back to the expo, ate dinner and then went to a super awesome blogger dance party at the Eye Candy Lounge.

Did you get all of that?! I know, I got tired just typing it. My camera batteries died (yeah, yeah, I know) so here are just a few shots. Don’t worry, I spent an unreasonable amount of money on double A’s (batteries people) and am back in business. Whew!

On our way to the expo…the first time…

Awesome meet up at Ghiradelli. So many ladies, so much fun!

I know there are better pictures out there. Sorry!!

Yeah, we resorted to cell phone pics! From left to right: Emily, Page, Aron, Sarah, Jess, Moi, Cam!

More pics coming. For now it’s waaaaaay past my bedtime. 




6 thoughts on “Hello Vegas!

  1. That’s a lot of bloggers! Looks like fun – I’m bummed I am missing out. But logistically, it would have been difficult (my dog-sitters, i.e. my parents, come back tomorrow so either I would have had to go up there solo, or board the pups, so, too much hassle).

    BTW, it’s like 38 degrees here right now. Freezing. At least I can start my 20 miles later in the day without fear of frying in the sun.

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