I swear I am still alive


Good News. I’m still alive.

Bad News. Work has been kicking the ever-loving heck out of me and I have been MIA.

I apologize.

Please forgive me.

Tonight I was supposed to be heading to Pam’s house for a super fun cookie par-tay. Instead, all of my fun blogger/running friends are whooping it up while I just finally made it home. Tear. Sad face. Missing out. Super bummed.

Attention PAM, SR, CHACHA, MARGOT, OUAL , HEATHER AND MONICA: Please take lots and lots of pictures and eat lots of lots of cookies. Sorry I couldn’t be there. xoxo

As a result of my sad, pathetic mope face LD just made me a giant mug of hot chocolate to drown away my sorrows. That’s a good hubby right there.

Enough about me, more about me

It’s time for VEGAS!!!!

Bright lights.

Lots of fun.

And some running.

Taper has been surprisingly good to me. I will admit that I am feeling slightly lazy. All of the phantom aches and pains have gone away and now I just have to cross my fingers and toes that I am ready.

Monday: w/u, 6×400 @ 1:35 pace (400m active recovery), c/d. Total miles 5.15

Tuesday: Cross-train

Weds: Chillin

Thursday: 5 miles planned

Friday: Pack for Vegas…oh and cross-train

Saturday: VEGAS



That’s the number of runners that will be pounding pavement on the strip.


That would be me. Who will need some serious motivation so if you see me out there please chat with me. Or run with me for a while. Or smack me if I look like I need it πŸ™‚

My bib # is : 52210 (Please keep my info to yourself :))

Corral #2

See you there?!?



16 thoughts on “I swear I am still alive

  1. It was definitely a fun time, but it took me nearly 2 hours to get up there with the rush hour traffic. So that part wasn’t very fun.

    If my house wasn’t in the midst of getting painted and such, I think my place might actually be more “in the middle” for a meetup – since it’s probably in the 45-60 minute drive for everyone. Though ppl would have to be cool with two excitable australian shepherds.

    1. Boo on traffic. I hit major traffic going home. 15 was backed up for miles. So over traffic. Especially after a long day in the office.

      I will not miss the next one πŸ™‚ Your casa would be fun!

  2. Missed you last night but, you had a really good reason for not being able to make it! πŸ™‚

    I’ll see you in Vegas my friend…it’s going to be chilly. 50’s during day and low 30’s in the evening. At least we know we won’t be overheating like we were in Maui! It’s going to be memorable!

    Nice taper!! See you soon!! πŸ™‚

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