T-t-t-taper. And last day to enter the giveaway!


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I have been exhausted, I have felt defeated, I have overcome, I have laughed, I have cried, pretty sure I have cursed (SORRY MOM). When I see others out running 22 milers with a smile I wonder if I look like I am dying. And then I get a text and call from THIS GIRL checking on me to give me encouragement and keep me going. She told me I could do it and that I’ve got it. And I run one more mile. That is freaking AWESOME. Thank you FRIEND!!!!

Sunday: 16 miles (brutal, no music, hilly, headwind)

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 5.75 miles (3.25 miles, core, 2.5 miles)

With less than 3 weeks til Vegas it is time to scale back. OH THANK HEAVEN!!!! Is anyone else feeling super happy to be going into taper mode??

I will cut back to about 70% of weekly miles this week, then down to about 50% the last week and a half. Those words are music to my ears. I know many runners hate taper but I love it. I need the time to recover mentally and physically. I need this time to feel good again and strong. I do NOT want to go into marathon #4 with lead legs. I want to feel happy and confident and pretend like it’s a 5k…oh wait…

Tell me: Do you have an upcoming marathon/half/15k/10k/5k? Do you love/hate taper?

– Love it

Are you running on Turkey Day?

– Yes, my entire family runs a turkey trot in Oceanside! It is sooo fun!



16 thoughts on “T-t-t-taper. And last day to enter the giveaway!

  1. I feel indifferent about tapering. Sometimes I get antsy, but other times I welcome it. Considering how many miles you were logging, I think I’d welcome it. In fact anytime I go over 30 I think that a drop-back week would be nice! We’ll see what kind of hell my body gives me when I approach 40 and 50 mpw in the 8 weeks.

  2. So I had never even heard of tapering before this post. I mean, I know the concept of resting before the race day, but I hadn’t heard an actual name for that before. Learn something new every day! 🙂

  3. It’s such a necessary evil! I hate feeling like I am sitting around doing nothing when, really, I’m allowing my body to rest up for a big race day. This past weekend’s 15K was less than stellar for me even though last week I took some time off because I wasn’t feeling great. But all I could think about on the days I took off was…running! I’m having a hard time telling myself that more doesn’t always mean better. 🙂

    Love the first pic…I may have to steal it!

  4. Honestly, I’ve never felt a difference in my race performance when I do or don’t taper. Maybe I’m not doing it right. The only difference for me during the last two weeks before the marathon is no 20 miler the week before. I ran 20 mi. two days before my SHORT half-marathon (course was 12.4!) and felt fine for the half. So, I’m not sure. I have added an additional rest day to my week instead of only 1 and I think THAT helps. 🙂

    Soo excited about Vegas!! Such a fun getaway!! Not going to lie…I’m a little nervous about running at 4:30 P.M.!! I’m thinking of throwing in an afternoon run (when the kids are home for thanksgiving break) just to assess how the legs feel at that time. BUT..it’s going to be SOO much fun! Finishing on the strip at night is going to be awesome. 41/2 hr. course limit…so everyone has to get their booties to the finish before the cutoff. Have you ever heard of a 41/2 hr. marathon course limit? I can understand though because of the strip closure at that time. Spectators, travelers might be a little mad at us for taking up the strip at that time!

    I’ve never participated in a Turkey trot. Maybe someday! Too busy cooking, preparing, etc. etc. How do you do it??! Teach me your ways so maybe next year I can participate in one. I hope by 2012 my kids and husband will be more involved too. It’s time to pull them off the bench and onto the playing field!! You know??! 🙂

    luv ya and I’ll see you soon!!!

    1. I am nervous to run at 4:00 too! I waited until 2 pm last weekend and it was so weird. Definitely different. I am going to do a few more afternoon runs too. I need to get used to it so I don’t think about it, lol. We are going to have a blast!

      I have never heard of a 4:30 cut off. That’s strict! Do you know if there is a time limit for the half? I never looked. I guess that’s why it’s on a Sunday night and not a Saturday. Tourists would be so bummed on the strip being closed to runners 🙂

      Yes, you guys should all do one! They usually start early so we get some things prepped on Weds night and then finish cooking when we get home. We are usually back to my parents house by 9:30 am so everyone showers and gets to work.

      Luv ya friend, see ya in a few weeks!!

      1. The cut off for the half is 4 hrs.

        Next year I’d love to participate in a turkey trot or holiday race! I think it’d be fun!!

        SEE YOU SOON!! YAY… FRIDAY!! 🙂

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