Iron Girl 10K Recap

Alarm went off at 4:40, showered, coffee’d and woke up the fam. Got on the road by 6:15 and hit major traffic at the exit to the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

I started to panic.

We were told that the roads would be closed at 7:00 so we needed to be parked by then. At 6:55 we were still in line at the exit. I considered getting out of the car to yell at the people directing traffic. Road closes at 7 let cars go! Perhaps they felt me channelling anger their way because suddenly cars were moving and we made it through the 7:00 am cut off. Car was parked at 7:10. 20 minutes til the start!

I saw Maureen and Leah in the parking lot and we all headed to the bathrooms. My janky phone wasn’t working so I had no idea where all of my Ragnar friends were. Thankfully I ran into Chacha and Heather at the portapotties! They told me OUAL was at the start line so I made my way there hoping I would find her.

With 2 minutes to the start she found me! Hooray, a friend to start with!

I stole that picture from her blog. I swear I don’t think I am that awesome.

Gun went off and we were running. Course was an out and back that went around the fairgrounds, up Via De La Valle to Camino Del Mar and back. I knew we had a hill around mile 3 so wanted to be conservative and make up time on the way back if possible. I didn’t know what pace I could hold beings that I have been training long slow miles, not short fast miles.

When we approached mile one and my watch beeped. 7:18. And then it beeped again. And then would not stop beeping. I sounded like I had a game of PacMan going on my wrist. What the duece? I pushed a button to lap forward and then it went haywire and said I was on lap 26. Um, no I’m not. This is a 10k.

I hit restart and got it working again. To avoid sounding like a broken record this happened at each mile. I have no idea why it decided to go insane but this ended up being a slight distraction. I had to keep restarting it so that I could try to keep an eye on my pace.

Mile 2 was flat and then I hit the mile 3 hill to Camino Del Mar. Hit that mile at 7:30. Made it to the turn around where I saw OUAL kicking some serious hiney!  It looked effortless for her. Not too far behind her was Pretty Fittie kicking some serious trash. Team Ragnar was putting on a show people. We were all flying!

I hit miles 4 and 5 in the low 7s. Around mile 5  there was a headwind and I felt like I had to really kick it into gear. I knew I was getting close to the finish. At 5.5 I heard the 10k winner finishing. She was just under 40. I seriously gave every last ounce of effort that I had and clocked my final mile (per my wack a$$ watch) at 6:53.

When I added my miles I had my time as 44:56, and then saw my final of 45:27 (chip). Crazy Nike GPS.

I checked the board at the finish and it had me 12th overall based on gun time (45:30)

 14th based on chip time (45:27). 7:20 average pace. I’ll take it!


This was the first race in quite some time where I felt strong the whole time. I stayed at a comfortable pace. I never felt like I was going to die. SO WEIRD. I probably could have pushed harder but I was having fun so why ruin a good thing right?

All of team Ragnar in the 10k finished with sub-8 min miles! HELLO SPEEDSTERS! OUAL and Pretty Fittie PR’d! Chacha and Heather ran the 5k and killed it! Heather PR’d. YES!!!

The best part of the entire day was getting to hang with friends. If it wasn’t for running and blogging I would have never met these ladies.

Me, Chacha, Heather, OUAL and Pretty Fittie.

I just realized other than the gorgeous Pretty Fittie we had a black and blue color scheme going.  Great minds think alike. I cannot tell you how awesome these girls are. We have not known each other long but I cannot imagine not having them in my life. Really great ladies! There is nothing like good girlfriends- especially ones that share a crazy love of running!

While the rest of these awesome girls finished a few more miles and headed to breakfast I was off to finish some long miles. Plan was to do an additional 14-15, got to 11.3 and called it a day. I was exhausted, hungry and done. 

Total Sunday miles 17.5.

I would have much rather gone to breakfast with my friends. So sad I missed it! I just kept repeating to myself 4 weeks til Vegas, 4 weeks til Vegas, 4 weeks til Vegas….




20 thoughts on “Iron Girl 10K Recap

  1. You always look like you’re floating in your running pics! You must run light on your feet.

    What kind of age group shwag did you get? You were 3rd, right?

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