Pete and Repeat Were In A Boat

Pete fell out. Who was left? Repeat. Peat and Repeat were in a boat…

My 1st grade humor lives on. That’s what happens when you have kids. But seriously

Today’s Workout: REPEATS!

2 mile w/u @ 8:15 pace, 6×400 @ 1:36 pace (400m RI), 1.2 mi c/d @ 8:00 pace. Total mileage: 6.2,  Time: 48ish minutes

Nothing like waiting til the last minute to bust out some speed work. Iron Girl is in 4 days. At least I didn’t wait til Saturday, right? My eye is on Las Vegas (I still don’t feel ready. Darn nerves) right now so I really should just go out on Sunday and have FUN!!!

Schwaggle (Schwag + Haggle = Schwaggle)

If you have never heard of Schwaggle (hosted by Active) it’s time for you to get in the know. Yes the know, not the now. Two totally different things. Anyway. It’s the living social for active peeps and each week there are some seriously awesome scores (think adventures, gear, nutrition, etc). If nothing else it’s fun to say Schwaggle. Schwaggle, Schwaggle, Schwaggle.

A week or so ago they offered a killer deal on compression socks from Zensah and when I got home last night my pair was waiting for me.

I immediately ripped open the box and put them on.  My feet and legs were in heaven (not literally, but they felt awesome). These are tighter than my leg sleeves and they stay in place. No tugging/pulling. Best $$ spent last week without question. What was the deal? HALF OFF. If that’s not enough to convince you to Schwaggle (hehe) I don’t know what is. Oh! Wait, I forgot.  If you are a member of Active Advantage (like I am) you get an additional 15% off. That means my total was $21.25 for socks that retail at $50!

I love a bargain. I love a bargain even more when it comes to running/active/nutrition stuff.

Go sign up for Schwaggle. You can thank me later.



10 thoughts on “Pete and Repeat Were In A Boat

  1. Damn Pete and Repeat! I was thrown back into elementary school time with that!

    So, the CEP calf sleeves are better, in my opinion. Not as cute, though. But the Zensah socks are still good. CEP full sock is nearly $50, so at $25, the Zensahs are completely worth it. But if they were the same price, CEPs would be my choice.

  2. Darn it, I am so mad I didn’t Schwaggle that day. Darn it for being a working mom that had to do pick-up and drop off after school that day. Please let me know if those come aroubd again. Good luck this weekend, please call me and let me know how you do. Xoxo

    1. I know, darn it!!! I caught it early in the AM so I was able to buy it before I had to head into the office. Are you running this weekend?! Apple Hill? Or is that next week? And how did Rick and the kids do last weekend?!? We NEED to catch up!

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