Running. Oh, and one last Halloween discussion!

Today’s Run

8.05 miles (intervals), 61 minutes

Today’s run was HARD. On purpose. It’s been awhile since I’ve pushed myself and with a 10k race this weekend I figured I might want to try to work on some speed. Although I do not see a PR happening, I’d rather be prepared to go hard than run out of gas at mile 1.  At least if I end up hobbling on the side of the road there will be several of my Ragnar Team peeps on the course and hopefully one of them will kindly drag me across the finish line.

I Know It’s November, But Let’s Have One Last Chat About Halloween

We get some interesting trick-or-treater’s in my neighborhood. Last year we ranged from infants, to pregnant women to 80-year-old women. Not in costumes. Still expecting candy. Not kidding.  At least put a costume on.

This year our top award winner goes to the trick-or-treater walking his dog. The dog walker, a man who was perhaps in his 40’s, was not in costume. The dog, who weighed maybe 10 pounds, was dressed up as a shark. You tell me who was going to eat the chocolate. Unless he is a dog killer (and I presume he is not) that dude was cashing in. Sir, you can thank your dog now.

My kids scored more than one regular size candy bar and bags of skittles. Either the competition is getting more fierce between neighbors or Costco had a great deal on candy. Or maybe, just maybe, it was the costumes that got them that giant kit-kat

Or maybe it was because their mom (who me?) isn’t afraid to rock my Minnie Mouse witch hat. That’s right, I’m still 5 at heart

Yes my hat and shoes match. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Maybe I should have joined sharkey the dog and hooked myself up with some candy.

Hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween!

Only 3 weeks til Thanksgiving!!!! Running, Turkey and Football? BRING IT.


7 thoughts on “Running. Oh, and one last Halloween discussion!

    1. No kidding! One neighbor caught a “kid” over the age of 20 dumping a whole bowl of candy into a bag. Seriously? People, candy is 50% off at CVS right now.

      Thanks, the intervals were tough 🙂

  1. Oh we had so many adults trick or treating. I decided that next year I’m going to have a second bowl with crappy stuff to give to them. Like dried beans or packets of Sweet and Low. Because it’s BS. I don’t care if you have a kid with you. Over 18? You’re done. Buy your own candy.

    Unless you have a kickass constume. I can appreciate that.

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