What Motivates You?

For just one moment, if you close your eyes and think about what motivates you, what comes to mind? Is it family? Your health? Self worth? Doubt? The challenge of a hard workout? What is that one thing deep down in your core that pushes you to do work? What is holding you back?

Whether or not you watch the Biggest Loser, you likely know who Dolvett is

He is the founder of Body Sculptor Inc., trains celebs and joined BL for season 12 as a coach.

He is quickly becoming known by us average peeps for his ability to motivate. One moment he is kind, the next he is like a coach on the football field. It doesn’t hurt that he is easy on the eyes. Love this guy.

On tonight’s episode he challenged contestants to remember their purpose and stay focused. Something that is easier said than done both in the gym and in life, right? Do we always remember our purpose in life and stay focused on the end goal? Food for thought!

Now back to Dolvett 🙂 How do we bring out our inner soldier and push ourselves to go harder to meet our fitness goals? I’m thinking life size cut out might do it for me. Orrrr if that can’t happen I will keep depending on my running/blog friends (you know who you are) to keep pushing me. Your race peer pressure does wonders tweeps!

So tell me…

What Motivates You?

– Today’s 6 mile run was motivated by breakfast. Not kidding.

Are you holding yourself back?

– I admit that I often do. Doubt can be my worst enemy!

The winner of the giveaway will be chosen by random.org tomorrow morning! Yipppeee!


22 thoughts on “What Motivates You?

  1. Today’s motivation was definitely this weekend’s marathon. Just need to keep it easy and relaxed this week.

    I’m definitely holding myself back. I’m so afraid of messing up. Its the biggest reason I haven’t changed my career yet.

  2. Reading blogs! I just find them so motivating and I have learned a lot from reading them. And have found some great new recipes, too.

    I absolutely hold myself back. In running this is mainly due to fear. What if I get injured? What if, what if??? I need to stop 🙂

    Breakfast must’ve been awesome 😉

  3. Reading blogs is a huge motivator. I don’t really have anyone in my “real life” who gets it when it comes to running. I’ve been struggling to get my running mojo back for way too long and honestly reading reminds me of that feeling…..the way I used to feel when before running and I took a break. So there you have it…I have running blog envy and it’s a GOOD thing! 😉

    In life, I tend to get in my own way sometimes…buy into negative beliefs…allow other peoples opinions to sway me. I’m working on it and for that my kids are my main motivation. I can totally visualize what I want life to be like and take steps every day in that direction…even if they’re baby steps. 🙂

  4. The blogosphrere is so motivating! Plus, my upcoming half marathon, plus wanting to look good, plus my upcoming 10 year high school reunion…

  5. um, I love him. seriously. i want him to come hang out with me and train me!

    blogs definitely motivate me, as do runner friends and people who push me to do better. and i most definitely hold myself back in everything, i’m always scared i’m going to fail. then again, if i do – who cares? at least i tried. hmmm…

    1. I am not kidding when I say I would go to Atlanta for a personal training session. Are you in?!

      You will not fail! Know why? Cause you have grit sister. Sometimes heart is all we need- the rest will fall into place. Love reading your blog 🙂

    1. Did someone say pizza??!! Do you all do breakfast pizza in your house?!? Eggs, avocado, cheese, tomatoes, getting hungry as I type….so so so good!

      Excuses can be fun- I have a million of them too.

  6. Funny, I just told my hubby last night that I have lost my motivation to run during the week. A long commute, up all night with a four month old and chasing a three year old when we get home just sucks the energy out of me. I know it isn’t forever (that is my mantra) and eventually my kids will sleep to allow me morning workouts again but until then, I need to find that post-work mojo.

    It is all too easy to get sucked up into making dinner, doing laundry, prepping lunches. Luckily my hubs often pushes me out the door if only for 30 minutes. 🙂

    1. Oh sister, as a mom of 2 kids who are 21 months apart I completely understand. Once you get one to sleep the other one is waking up and vice versa. Lack of sleep on top of everything else is what usually does me in. BUT- you are right- it’s only for such a brief moment that one day we will look back and miss it!!

      Keep on keepin on- we will keep each other going!

  7. I watched BL last night for the first time and now I’m hooked! I don’t know about Anna though, some of the contestant seem a little bugged by her. 🙂

    Great food for thought…calorie & fat free!! 🙂 Let’s see…what motivates me on a every day basis are my family, cute clothes (I still like Forever 21 and skinny jeans!) and Costco pizza!! This week an extra motivation towards runs/speed workouts is a cash incentive for top 3 runners in a 5k (small local race near my stomping grounds)! Fields have gotten a lot more competitive so we’ll see…! It’s good motivation for me to push myself out of my comfort zone around the track and on the treadmill!! 🙂

    Love your blog and your posts always hit home with me pretty mama! 🙂

    Have a great day!! =)

    1. Last night was awesome! Bob and Dolvett are completely awesome, but like you, I am not sold on Anna. I miss Jillian!

      OMGosh Pam is the 5k this weekend?!?!?! Woooohoooooo!! Run like the wind girl- you are going to do great. Pain is only temporary right?! YOU WILL BE ON THAT PODIUM!!!!

      Have a fabulous Weds! The week is half over, hooray!

      1. Yes, bring Jillian back! 🙂

        Thanks! 🙂 Yes, pain is temporary!! 5k’s are fun…all out effort with no breaks…they hurt more though! I’ll let you know how it goes!

  8. My biggest motivator is making my parents, boyfriend and most of all myself proud of my accomplishments – whether that’s in work, fitness or life. My second biggest motivator is always food related 🙂 Usually coffee (AM runs) or frozen yogurt (PM workouts).

  9. I like Dolvett on BL, he is growing on me. Anna, well, not so much. I don’t know, BL trainers require a certain type of personality and doesn’t seem to be a fit for her.

    Yesterday’s run was motivated by the weather and the thought that everyone around me is getting sick so I need to keep up my workout routine – I think it is part of the reason I tend to avoid head/chest colds/flus.

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