This Shirt Says It All!

Well, I don’t know about the second part. Today’s run was hilly, hard and down right kicked my butt. It sucked to put it nicely.

Run: 18 miles 2:40

Cool Down: .5 miles 8:00

Total: 18.5

This run started out with rollers that were not terribly bad. It was foggy and cool. Perfect running weather. I went out faster than planned and didn’t realize that around mile 12 I would pay for it. Boy did I pay for it. I am still not sure why on God’s green earth I thought it was a great idea to end my run with a 2.5 mile climb (365 feet- ok it could have been worse), followed by 3.5 miles of rollers. I never said I was smart. Yes it was good for me. No it was not fun nor did it feel good.  I stopped around 14 because I was pretty sure I was going to barf. Mental? Maybe. Did it have anything to do with pounding water like it was going out of style. Likely. Dehydrated much? DUMB! I wanted to punch running (and myself) it the face.

At mile 18 I spied 7-11 and it was as if the heavens parted. I threw in the towel, walked inside, bought a Gatorade and walked the last half mile to my finish. That Gatorade tasted so.freaking.good.

Lesson Learned? Do not drink a gallon of coffee and spend a zillion hours at a pumpkin patch in 90 degrees the day before a long run. 

The good news is I got it done. The bad news? Super gnarly chafe mark on my back from my water belt. Running scars are cool- but not until they heal!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


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12 thoughts on “This Shirt Says It All!

  1. Hey I am a new reader but I am loving your blog so far. You are hilarious! I was just wondering what kind of water belt you have/which one you would recommend. Right now I just run on the treadmill so I can have my water bottle on the floor beside me but I think some of the other apartment complex residents are about to kill me for stealing the treadmill for 2 hours at a time =)

    1. Hi Meagan! Thanks for rading my non-sense 🙂 I like Nathan Belts. I have the bottles with race caps (they resemble an adult sippy cup) and have never had a problem with bounce or the bottles leaking. I would try a few on (if possible) to see how they fit.

  2. Learning=growth. AND, you got the darn thing done. You know what they say, these kind of runs make the good runs even better. 😉 I’m about to leave St. Louis this morning where I was supposed to run the RNR half. My stupid runner’s knee prevented me from running At. All. No bueno. I’ve been doing yoga and strengthening exercises which seem to be helping a lot. So, I can only dream/wish/drool over running 18.5 miles right now. I WILL sign up for another race and get my redemption run 🙂

    Your next run will be perfection!!

      1. You made my day 🙂 🙂 Thank you…looking forward to the post. I need all the help I can get!

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