Bates Nut Farm & Giveaway!

Bates Circa 2007

I own the rights to this fabulous photo of my grumpy child. Reproduction or reuse without my consent is prohibited.

Is this not one of the funniest photos ever? This one will make his senior slide show and his wedding. Classic. This was his first Halloween and I was determined to get an Anne Geddes-esque photo in a large pumpkin. Turns out he wasn’t down with it. Total dude.



Fast Forward to 2011

Today we headed back out to the farm for our 5th annual family day full of fun. There is a pumpkin patch, petting zoo, pony rides, hay rides, a corn maze, arts/crafts, food and most importantly a candy shoppe!

It was CRAZY hot. I’m talking 90 degrees, windy and gross. I am pretty sure everyone there had sweaty pits. Even this guy

Although it was hotter than hot we had a great time.

We had a total of 15 peeps in our group! It was my fam, my parents, my sis, my bro and his fam and our close friends! The kids had a blast.

After picking out the perfect pumpkins we bought $28 worth of candy and fudge. That is ridiculous right? I justify it by saying we only get to do this once a year 🙂

We were out of cash after our sugar shopping spree. We headed back to my parents house where it is almost 25 degrees cooler (praise God). We have a pot of sauce on and will be enjoying a big Italian family dinner. 


Who is ready for a giveaway?!?! Meeeeeeeeee This here is a Brooks earth friendly bag filled with all kinds of awesome

Hershey Bliss Raspberry Hot Chocolate, Planters Nut-rition Energy Mix, E-Gel Lava Gel, Gu Chomps, New Balance Chapstick, Brooks Run Pin and a Run Happy sticker.

Can we call this a fun bag without it being inappropriate? Sure we can.

Giveaway will be open til Wednesday. Winner will be chosen by the oh-so-famous! To enter just comment below and tell me that you want in. Easy right? Good Luck…I’m off to carbo load for tomorrow’s long run!

63 thoughts on “Bates Nut Farm & Giveaway!

  1. Yayayyy thanks for such a great giveaway!! I definitely want to enter to WIN!! 🙂

    More importantly, your family pictures are PRECIOUS!

  2. It looks like y’all had a wonderful time at the pumpkin patch. Man, I love fall!!!! This is the best giveaway that I have seen in a long time…I really like Brooks’ “run happy” slogan. I try to “run happy” all of the time, and let time and speed work themselves out accordingly.

  3. Was so excited about the giveaway bag I forgot to add how stinkin cute your baby is!! You should put that picture in for a contest… He’d totally win!

  4. 90 degrees!? Wow. It was cloudy and cool all day here. But doesn’t surprise me – another reason not to live inland!

    I wonder what he was not cool with – maybe the inside of the pumpkin felt weird and he was like “If only I could walk and get myself out of this thing.”

    Oh, and I’m in on your fun bag. Ha!

    Are you going to carve up your pumpkins? I might have to buy a new little kit but I loooooove carving pumpkins (I’m a crafty dork). And then roasting the seeds!

    1. It was gross hot. Fire weather. Booo.

      Yes, we are carving them! I think we will wait til Satruday though so that they don’t rot. With the foggy mornings they will mold fast. Can’t wait to roast seeds! SO GOOD!

  5. If you’re keen to send that bag of fun to Australia, I’ll make sure to take it round all the good spots – I totally want in!!

  6. I want in! Just discovered you. Totally impressed by all that you are. Congrats on being awesome and inspiring.

  7. I want in on the goody bag… the reusable bag!! plus the photo of your little man in the pumpkin is to die for!!!!!

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