Think Big!

Yesterday is still kind of a blur…

I got up at 4:25 a.m., pounded out 8 miles, kissed my family good-bye and headed to work. Morning meetings lead to lunch meetings that turned into afternoon meetings that ended with a fancy shmancy dinner. After all was said and done I finally got home at 9 p.m. HOLY LONG DAY.

If 10 years ago someone would have told me I would be discussing predictive modeling and business plans I would have laughed. 10 years ago I also said I wasn’t getting married and I was certainly never having kids. Running a marathon? Right. Good grief, the me from 10 years ago doesn’t even recognize the me today.  Wanna know what? I THINK THAT IS AWESOME! There is something to be said about getting out of your comfort zone. Doing something that makes me feel uneasy is what gets me to accomplish my goals.

Yesterday when I sat down with one of the most senior exec’s of our company he had a discussion with me about our goal to think big. Last night when I finally got a moment to myself I replayed the discussion in my head and how it would apply to all of us in life.

If we don’t set our eyes on an end goal we will never get there. If you want something make it a priority. Determine your purpose, set your goal and GO GET IT!

Now that we have had that inspirational talk let’s discuss how I got sucked into this

I am going to blame it on Chacha. We got into twitter talk about her running the half and I may or may not have instigated her to do the full. I also may or may not have said I might consider doing it if she does.


Turns out she ended up transferring from the half to the full! Wahoooo! While I was super excited for her and cheering her on my race peer pressure backfired on me.  SkinnyRunner blogged about it and, well, it led to this:

Dear Nicole,

Congratulations! You are now registered for 2012 Tri-City Medical Center Carlsbad Marathon

And not long after I tweeted this totally mature, grown-up message to Chacha

@lil_yogini Ok butt munch, I am registered for Carlsbad. Ready for 26.2?! # racingbacktobackweekends #whoamI

So I am now officially running back to back weekends. 26.2 in Carlsbad on Jan 22nd and 13.1 at Tinkerbell the very next weekend. If this isn’t thinking BIG when it comes to running, I don’t know what is. Oh wait, yes I do. SR is running 2 marathons in 2 days in November! Go show her some love!



Giveaway is coming tomorrow afternoon!

What are your weekend plans?

~ I am headed to Bates Nut Farm (I know, so many jokes can come from that name) with the family to get pumpkins and have all kinds of crazy fun.

~ Hoping to get in a 20ish miler on Sunday!





28 thoughts on “Think Big!

  1. Tomorrow I’ll be running *at least* 13. My plan is to just keep going long and easy. TWSS.
    Sunday is a bike ride and laziness.
    The next weekend? Washington DC! MCM!

    1. I like Carlsbad! The half starts at El Camino plaza, goes out to the beach, runs along the coast and ends back at EC Plaza. Rolling hills but nothing crazy- just pretty to be by the ocean the entire race!! Warning- it’s cold at the start! If you do it bring throw aways 🙂 GL this weekend pretty lady!! You are going to rock!

  2. You are right about thinking big! Before this year, I never ran…NEVER….and now I have done two triathlons, run regularly, and have signed up for two 10ks! I am thinking that I am going to do an Olympic Distance Tri next year. Who am I?????
    I never knew about Bates Nut Farm. Even though I obviously don’t have kids…I love stuff like that! Remember the Nut Tree by Sacramento? They tore it down…but I used to LOVE going there! I think I am going to check out this nut farm on Sunday. I might even put Peroni in a costume and have him pose on a pumpkin…hahaha! 🙂

  3. Looks like we are both running RNR LV and Tinkerbell. I also signed up for 2 big races back to back, next year. RNR Edinburgh Half on April 15th followed by RNR Madrid (full) on April 22nd. OMG!

    Questions for you – Do you know if we have a Save-a-Turkey race in SoCal? I only found 2 races around Thanksgiving ( Father Joe’s and Oceanside)

    Good luck!

  4. Way to go!! If no one ever stepped out of their comfort zone the world would be so boring and there wouldn’t be any fun blogs to read 🙂

    I’m going to Underwood Farms for pumpkins tomorrow, too. Have fun!

  5. I’ll do Carlsbad full! I was thinking that trying to go sub-4 in the next few months might be pushing it {is that thinking small?}, but I’ve conceded that I think Carlsbad is good timing. Remember that time that you said you’d get me in under 4? ‘Cuz I do..

  6. I can really relate to this post, I just did a self reflection post not to long ago. It is important to take time out every once awhile a “self tune-up” to evaluate our life and goals. Check out my inspirational post

  7. You do think big, mama. I like it.

    I just checked out Carlsbad, maybe I should do the half? Hmmm. We’ve been thinking of a winter vacation and the kids like to remind me how terrible it is that they have never been to Legoland.

    P.S. your husband in the background reading made me laugh. So husbandish.

  8. Ahaha, I finally pressured someone else! I was totally roped into Fontana, Richard Leary (10/30 in irvine), and Iron Girl. But man, a full marathon, I guess when you got SR in the mix with the pressure, then it’s pretty much impossible to reisist.

    Anyway, it’s not that hilly. None of the hills even come up as “Cat-5” on The hill I run from my house is cat 5 and I do it several times a week.

    I am still pushing off the whole baby thing – 10 years ago I would have said by 30 I would have had at least one. Now I’m 33 with none. The economy is partly to blame for this, though.

    1. That was all you girl! I would never tell you that I would do it and then bail 🙂 But I probably would have lagged if it wasn’t for you and SR. U suckas!!! It’s going to be fun- total post race celebration will be in order.

      The economy has been brutal for what, 3 years now? I totally get where you are coming from. No bueno!

  9. you look sooooo pretty in that pic! and I can completely relate. It’s so crazy when I think at who I used to be to who I am now! I can’t wait to see who I will become. I am really excited for the next marathon! PS: where is Alex??? I miss his blog

  10. Heading out Sunday to do 15, 5 miles behind you. Please, please send some HRM prayers my way. I’m gonna do this 26.2 with my BFF!

  11. That’s a great pic of you 🙂

    Love this post…we all need to think big because we tend to underestimate ourselves. I KNOW I do, anyway 😉

    Good luck on that 20ish miler!

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