Nappy Running Hair is SO in

How To Get Haute Running Hair

1. Drink a lot of this

2. Throw on your running sneaks and pound out mileage

3. The Result

Fracking disgusting. Yes, I know. You should have seen it before hand. Oh wait, you can.

Ewwwwwwwwww. Wait…one more

Double Ewwwwwwwwwww

Running + cloudy misty weather + sweat = total nastiness.

Today’s Run: 17.25 miles (in the HOT PINKS), rolling hills mixed to the beach and then a few slow climbs, 2:26, avg pace 8:28.

I started with a loop around my hood. I then headed through the valley and out the beach. Around 13.5 I realized my cell phone was trashed and had a slight freak out moment about how I would call to get a ride home. At mile 15 I found a pay phone. I took it back to 1985 and called home collect. At first LD thought I was calling from jail. Nice. Asked the fam to pick me up at a local Starbucks and finished my run.

It was NOT easy and my legs were DONE. And then there was coffee…and breakfast.

SO STOKED on today’s run. Not only was the weather absolutely poifect but I was able to finish at my goal training pace! When I found myself going a little faster than I should have been I stopped, took a sip of water and slow it down. I am really trying to work on keeping my long runs at 30-45 seconds SLOWER than race pace. I am hoping this will help prevent injuries and have me ready to persevere.


Costume Craze 5k

Thank goodness it turned out to be a VERY SMALL RACE. It was a bit of a gong show but we pulled it off. Once I can get some photos uploaded I will fill you in!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


21 thoughts on “Nappy Running Hair is SO in

  1. Sounds like you had a great run….awesome job! Is the PF gone or still struggling with it?

    My nappy running hair looks different than yours…just totally soaked and when I take it out of a ponytail, it has that awful indentation from the ponytail holder and is just lifeless and gross. Hey, that’s the sign of a great workout, though! 🙂

    1. I have the PF under control, thank heavens. I think once you have it you have to keep stretching/icing/rolling to keep it away. Inconvenient but worth it. My achilles is still sore when I wake up in the morning but no pain while running so that’s a good sign. I am so fearful that one wrong stride could rupture it so I am being extra cautious!

      You’re right- icky hair is a sign of a good workout!

  2. I love nappy hair. I think it looks beachy 🙂 lol and nice run!!! girl you are on fire. I am literally so excited about your pace and your run distances. I can’t wait to hear about the 5k and your costume 🙂

  3. I agree – your hair looks like you’ve been surfing all day. My mantra is that if I look pretty when I’m done, I didn’t work hard enough. Thats why I rock the sweaty bangs, bright red face, and boob sweat.

  4. I remember calling home via collect call when I was high school for my parents to come pick me up! How times have changed.

    When I remember, I always bring moola (like $5) on my long runs just in case I get stuck.

    1. OMG I did in HS too. When it would ask for a name I would just record ” Practice is over come get me.” so that they would reject the call and come pick me up, lol. Those were the days.

      I need to carry money. I had my ATM card which was useless…well, it did get me coffee so that was good.

  5. hehe. I’m infatuated with all things salted caramel. I will slather it on my hair, don’t care how it looks.

    p.s. I’m a who-cares-about-hair kind of girl. Haven’t been in a salon in, oh, 5 years. stupid hair

      1. ooo! that’s a good idea! think it’d be a bad idea to kinda ‘up’ my training before then? {aka: i’ve run once since long beach}

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