Volunteering: Just Do It


Tomorrow we (me, LD and the kids) are volunteering at this race:

Costume Craze 5K Run


Yes that is Mr. Incredible.
I volunteered at a 5k earlier this year and loved it. It was well-organized and I loved watching runners/walkers accomplish their goals! I think that volunteering at a race is important. Without volunteers races wouldn’t happen. I have come across so many awesome volunteers at the races I have run so I feel like I am paying it forward.
But this one tomorrow. Well, let me just say that the more info I get on this race the more nervous I am about being a volunteer at it. I am just a bit worried that it is not going to be the most organized race. Eeeek. That usually doesn’t bode well with runners. Or volunteers for that matter.
The deets are as follows:

This is not an ordinary 5K… This is a Party… Join us and We’ll bring in the FUN.

Everyone is WELCOME, There will be awards for the top three for all categories. Best Costume Contest–Most Creative, Best Sci-Fi, Best Super Hero and Funniest. KID ZONE- GOODIE BAGS – RAFFLES – YUMMY FOODS – LIVE ENTERTAINMENT – MUSIC – and much more…

Not an ordinary 5k.  That’s open to interpretation.
I sent a tweet out asking if I should be in costume and the general consensus was: YES. So I will be headed to Party City tonight to search for some sweet duds. Preferably something with a mask just in case things get crazy! Let’s pray it all works out.

Today’s Run

6 miles. Tough run. Just felt hard the entire time. Wanted to quit. Kept playing the one more mile game. Good times.

 What is everyone up to this weekend?

– After the 5k tomorrow we are headed to a Chili Cook-off! FUN!

Anyone racing?

– No races for me but I do plan on going at least 18 miles on Sunday

Happy Friday!


9 thoughts on “Volunteering: Just Do It

  1. This sounds like a fun race to volunteer at, a little disorganized, but the kids will get a kick out of seeing the costumes I bet! This weekend is going to start with takeout and a netflix tonight, followed by a Costco trip and a run tomorrow, and a whole lot of nothing on Sunday 🙂

  2. Haha alright quit stealing my day planner?! The chili cook off in del mar?? and I am running 18 on Sunday. Crazy! What 5k is this, it sounds super fun. I’ve never run a 5k but I will be participating in the UCSD Chancellor’s 5k next Friday. Any tips for pacing a short run?!

    1. I am going to one in PB!! I didn’t know there is one in Del Mar, FREAKING AWESOME! It’s a 5k in Liberty Station. From what I have heard they are still iffy on timing so I hope they got it together this week! Yay for your 5k next week! What’s your goal time?!?

  3. We used to have to “volunteer” at community races sometimes when we were on the track team… but I always ended up loving it… even when it was a Saturday morning and totally interfering with my own long run. I hope you pick out a sweet costume! Can’t wait to see it!!!

    I love that the whole fam is getting in on the volunteering… You’re such an awesome mom! I’m calling you for tips when the time comes! 🙂

  4. I couldn’t agree more. I think that volunteering at a race is something every runner should do. That one sounds like it’ll be fun even if its a little disorganized.

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