Running At The Butt Crack Of Dawn

Please excuse the sweaty Betty above. I can’t be anything other than super gross after a run at 5 in the morning. I also can’t explain why my shorts are stuck in 1970. They are comfortable so I let them do their thang. I also have platforms on, you just can’t see them.

As most of you know the only way I can get a weekday run in is by doing it before sunrise. Running at the butt crack of dawn means that I spend a lot of time on the treadmill in the gym.

The good thing about running indoors is there is a bathroom about 50 yards away from the treadmill. Oh, and giant fans.  The bad thing is that it can get boring fast. The only way I can survive long runs on the treadmill is by mixing up pace and incline. I incorporate a lot of speedwork, progressive and tempo runs. This forces me to change it up and keeps me going. 

Today’s Run: 8 miles: 2 @ easy, 5 @ mid tempo pace 7:30, 1 @ easy. Total time running 63 min, 2 min walk to cool down

I brought the hot pinks to life today. I am certain I lit up the entire gym. When I said they were pink I meant PINK! It was a TRIP going from my Pure Connects on Monday to my Kinvara’s today. There is a HUGE difference between the two.

The Kinvara’s have a 4mm heel drop just like the Brooks Pure Connects. However, the Kinvara’s have a LOT more cushion. A LOT. Not in a bad way just in a I-never-noticed way. I like having more cushion on long runs so I feel confident that I will be able to continue to increase my mileage in these babies. I will stick to a slow increase in my Connects. I really really like my Connects.

 The only problemo I had this morning was that something was rubbing my pinky toe on my right foot. I am not sure if it was the shoe or  my sock.

Has anyone had this happen? I have them laced to make the forefoot wider but could this be a size issue?




19 thoughts on “Running At The Butt Crack Of Dawn

  1. Every time I try to get those pink Kinvara’s they never have my size! I used to run in hot pink Nike Free’s. The Lady Foot Locker at my mall does a pink shoe display for Valentine’s Day. I’ll be hitting that up this year!

  2. Like the sparklies you added!

    Yeah, running before 6am is definitely a bit crazy. I understand why you have to, but, man. I guess you get used it after a while?

    For a while I did the 6am spin at the Y twice a week so I was up at like 5:30am, but now it seems like crazy talk to do that again.

    1. Hehehe- look at me pretending to be tech savvy and add sparklies. I wish they really had them. Kinda like pixie dust. That would be rad.

      Once I am up I am up- but the getting up part is no bueno.

  3. My old love Saucony vs my current love Brooks? I need some new racing shoes and you just made it all kinds of hard for me to decide between the two.

    …mkay I’m getting both don’t tell Brian.

  4. I need to start getting up early again to work out/run. I feel so much better throughout the day and more motivated to eat better, too. What time do you have to get up to make it to the gym at 5? Do you have to get ready for work at the gym? For some reason, that’s what prevents me from getting to the gym early in the AM..just seems like a pain to carry all your stuff and shower there. If you ever did a “day in the life” type post, I think I would need a nap after I read it 😉

    Is that a Gold’s gym? The colors and Zumba sign look a little familiar 🙂

    Love the bright pink shoes!

    1. I go home and get ready but a lot of other people get ready at the gym. We have a pretty sweet set up with private dressing rooms directly across from the showers. Not a bad deal! I go to Chuze Fitness 🙂 I think they are a SD county chain. Awesome gym!

      The bright pinks are pretty darn awesome 🙂

  5. I love the hot pink shoes and the sweaty betty pic….the bell bottom shorts comment made me laugh 😀 lol

    I think you need to have at least a thumb width btwn your big toe and the end of your shoe or your shoe is too small.

  6. Haha.. you are the hottest sweaty betty in 70’s run attire ever! I love that you get up freaking early and hit the gym… I’m a huge fan of the gym around 5am.

    I totally agree that the only way to survive the tread is by mixing it up… and watching tv or listening to a sweet playlist.

    I’m loving the magical pink shoes… i don’t know what the rubbing might be… just breaking them in? Maybe some moleskin protection until you can wear it that down? Maybe there is a piece you could cut or they might even just be a little too small? Anyway, they look rocking stylish!

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