Connecting With My Brooks

Brooks Pure Project: Pure Connect

After 2 solid runs in these kicks I think I am ready to talk about them. I don’t want to jinx myself but I think we may be forming a pretty good relationship.

Likes So Far:

* They hug my arches. This is a big deal for me. My arches are so high that when I make a wet foot print the only reflection is my heel and toes. Freaky, I know. Prone to injury? You betcha. Kicking butt still? HECK YES. I can wear these shoes WITHOUT inserts. AWESOME. Fact: I have tried out many a pairs of shoes and these are the only ones (to date) that I can wear without inserts. YEEAAAAHHHH! 

*They are light and flexible. No clunky heel, no crazy over the top cushioning. Just a nice shoe that breathes and gives but still offers just enough in the mid/forefoot so that I know I have a shoe on. My foot feels less like a robot and more like a foot.


*The only thing that has me weirded out so far is how small this shoe runs. I originally went up a full size (from my street shoes) and had about the width of my pinky finger to the end of the shoe. After my first run (5 miles) I realized that if I went any longer my foot would swell and they would be way to small. I exchanged them and went up a size and a half and ran 7 miles yesterday. Golden. They do feel kind of big when I put them on (I now have the width of my thumb to the end) but when I was running they were fine. Even if I relaced them to make them wider in the forefoot I think I still would have had to sized up.

Not sure if it’s just my weird little foot or if anyone else has had to size up in these shoes.

They will certainly stay in the rotation. After my first run I liked them. After my second run I liked them more. Although I am still recovering from achilles tendonitis I feel no pain when running in these shoes. SCORE!


Today’s Workout

After a decent 7 mile run yesterday today was a crosstrain day.

25 min Moving Stairs (AKA The Moving Stair Monster. It’s a beast).  I finally graduated to level 16. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing. I may or may not have called the stairs a jerk more than one time. There may or may not have been witnesses. The rules of the gym are no cussing or grunting. Jerk is totally acceptable if muttered under your breath. Anything goes at 5 am. I can’t promise sunshine and puppies.

1/4 mile walk to cool down. After taking a beating on the stairs I walked it out. I also needed an excuse to plug into the TV because I saw there was a shooting in a local suburb that is virtually crime free. Thought it was weird so wanted the deets.

35 minutes free weights. Mostly focused on arms and shoulders. Felt like I had noodles attached to my body afterwards. I think that means it was a good workout!

10 minutes core. That was all I had left in me. I.was.done.

Tomorrow I will take the new Kinvara’s for a test run. They are shocking pink. Like, glow in the dark pink. Like maybe perfect for 26.2 at night in Vegas. Like maybe PR shoes?!?!

What was your workout today?!

Anyone purchase new sneaks lately? Reviews?

Any other good news to share?





15 thoughts on “Connecting With My Brooks

  1. I agree with you on the sizing. I tried the PureConnect on in one size up and felt so squished! I was concerned with the shape of the forefoot so I ended up going with the PureFlow. I’ve only done a quick run around the block in these, but I’m going to take them for a 3 miler tonight.

  2. Ok you’ve sealed the deal. I have to try on those Brooks! I have the same freaky-high-arch thing going on and I have wanted to try some lighter shoes but I’m always afraid of the lack of support. I’m going to hit up Road Runner Sports this week 🙂

  3. I’m so jealous those brooks look amazing 😀 I had to go up a size in my brooks and they feel and look massive when I first start out running but I’m glad I got that size 😀

  4. No wonder you got PF! Those sound like crazy high arches.

    I, personally, love Brooks. I am currently rotating 3 shoes (yeah, 3), so I am kind of set for a while (bummer b/c getting new kicks is fun).

    1. Brooks Ravenna – run small, I wear a 6/6.5 street shoe, and those I have an 8(!) – though I think 7.5 would do. I need light stability (or more neutral with an insert), and these are great (and light, like 9.3 oz)
    2. Brooks Ghost – normal sizing, seems like. I got 7’s.These are also excellent and light.
    3. Mizuno Precision – for speedwork/short races. These guys run small (need 7.5) but this is normal for mizuno. They are alright. I kind of wish I never got them so I could try the Saucony Mirage (Kinvara’s more stable sister).

    All of these shoes are under 200 miles, with the ghosts and precisions at ~100. My last Ravennas lasted 400 miles!!! [Sigh] It’ll be awhile.

    1. I know, stupid PF. I stil have to stretch and roll out both feet everyday to prevent it. Good times.

      I might have to try out the Ghosts next time I need shoes. My Kinvaras only last 200 miles and I cant imagine the Connects can take much more than that either.

  5. I just got my first pair of Brooks in July and, surprisingly, I really like them. I am totally a Nike kid, because that’s who BYU was sponsored by and therefore all we ran in. And I love them. I got the Brooks for free, and so even though it’s not what I’d normally go with, I was totally game… free shoes?! Heck yes. I told the dude that I was size 7.5, because that’s what I wear in Nike’s trainers, but the Brooks are a little more snug. They’ve held up great though and I’m actually a pretty big fan. It’s about time for me to get two new pairs of trainers, so I might look into going Brooks again…

    And killer workout! I think the Kinvaras are definitely going to be PR shoes! 🙂

    1. Free shoes?!?!?! YES PLEASE! I got the Defyance for free and I like them for crosstraining but I get interior shin splints everytime I run in them 😦 Makes me sad because I like them! I am a big fan of Nike Vomeros and their flats. Maybe now that the PF is gone I can give them a whirl again. The Vomero 6s are so comfy!

  6. I just bought these shoes! I ended up going one whole size up (and they were pretty snug) but now I’m thinking I should have gone up a size and a half. I dont want to risk losing toenails!

      1. I’m really really happy I saw your post about the Connects…I had a feeling mine were a little snug but thought I was just worrying too much. I exchanged mine today! 9.5 yikes!

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