Getting My Run On

Running Forever

When the view looks like this it’s “easy” to run forever. Water, breeze, sunrise, boats, skyline, lots of other runners, what more could one ask for? 

Saturday’s Run: Split run, 16.10 miles, total running time 2:20, total average pace 8:41

First 5.05 miles: Ran solo, hilly, hard 43 minutes

Last 11.05, ran with Rock Runners, nice easy run, flat by the water and gorgeous 1:37

I did my first 5 close to home at sunrise. It was a beautiful morning on a challenging loop that forced my legs to wake up. As soon as I was done I grabbed my stuff and headed down to the beach to meet up with mah peeps: The Rock Runners.

I got with 4 people who were going to run at least 7 miles. We headed out and looped around Harbor Island. Once we hit the turn around I asked if anyone wanted to go a little further and one person was down. We ran at a nice easy pace and just stayed along the water. It was so pretty that if we we didn’t run out of water we would have kept going. Well, I say that but the guy running with me may not have agreed, lol.

It is amazing how much I enjoy running in a group. I forget about pace and distance and all of the other things that come along with marathon training. I chat it up (yes, that means a nice, easy pace) and laugh and just enjoy it. THAT is what makes me love running. It’s fun! A year ago I avoided running with others. Now I can’t imagine not doing it!

Last Weeks Mileage:

Monday: 7.5 miles

Tuesday: Rest

Weds: 7.5 miles

Thurs: Cross-train

Fri: 5 miles

Saturday: 16.10 miles

Sunday: Rest

Total: 36.10 miles

Not too shabby of a week! 8 weeks til Vegas

Eating Right

My post on how I (try) to get 10 fruits and veggies is coming this afternoon. I will also talk about my crazy attempt at getting enough calories during my marathon training.

In the mean time and in between time here are some pics of the crazy rest of my weekend:

Shopping for my nephews Birthday

Kids trying to sweet talk me into getting them something too

The Birthday Boy. He turned 2!

The Par-tay. I so wanted to be 5 again!

Hanging with the fam post party. Gotta get our grub on after all the craziness.



12 thoughts on “Getting My Run On

  1. I totally agree with you on running near the water. The view, the peacefulness…it makes my running so much more enjoyable, and takes my mind of the pending heart attack feeling.

    Are you using a camera app for your pics??

  2. That pic with the kids look an awful lot like the Mottino Y, Studio A.

    I miss running with people, but the fact that I teach so often on Sat morning leaves me with Sunday morning and most ppl seem to run on Saturday (including the new marathon training group at the Y).

    14 for me today – Oceanside to just pass Palomar.

  3. Most of my running route is along the water – not the ocean, just a bay of the Puget Sound and it really does help. We’ve only lived here five years, so I am still in awe of it everytime.

    Nice mileage, and adorable family.

  4. Dang, Lady! 16 miles!!! You are such a stud!! I want to be as cool as you someday. I’ve run 16 miles only once in my life… Maybe I need to come down and run with your scenery around me so I can make it all 16! 🙂

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